Lady in a wheelchair using a Ramp in a Handicap Van

Improve Mobility with a Handicap Van

A handicap van can significantly improve mobility for those with physical impairments. An accessible van is designed with accessibility features such as lowered floors, wheelchair ramps, and extra wide doors to make it easier for those with physical impairments to get in and out of the vehicle. The van also can be customized to fit your needs with a variety of other features such as power-assisted entry and exit with rear or side entry ramps, tie-down securement systems, and adjustable seating like transfer boards or swivel seating to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. A handicap van can provide you with increased mobility, convenience, and independence. It helps transportation to and from appointments, activities, and events. A wheelchair accessible vehicle can also provide customers with a sense of security. The van comes with features such as secure tie-down systems and adjustable seating to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.  At United Access, we offer a wide selection of mobility solutions to help improve your mobility on the road. 

Common Features in an Accessible Van that Can Improve Mobility

Accessible vehicles often come with a variety of features to make them easier and more comfortable to use. From rear or side-entry powered ramps, to driving controls or securement systems. United Access can help you find the perfect accessible van to best fit your needs. 

Here are some of the features that may be included in a handicap van: 

  • Wheelchair ramp: Wheelchair ramps make it easier for those using wheelchairs to enter and exit the van. You have a choice of a rear-entry or side entry ramp that can be manual or powered. Our Mobility Specialists will help you choose the option best fit to your needs.
  • Seating solutions: Seats can be adjusted or swivel seats to provide a safe and easy way to enter and exit the vehicle. We also offer transfer boards or transfer vehicle seating.
  • Adaptive driving controls: Adaptive driving controls can be installed to make it easier for those with physical disabilities to drive the vehicle.  
  • Securement systems: Securement systems allow wheelchairs to be safely secured inside the van while in transit.  

Handicap Van Can Also Increase Security

A handicap van can provide a feeling of security in many ways. Accessible vehicles provide safe transportation without worrying about the risks of using public transportation or having to rely on someone else for transportation. The feeling of security comes from the confidence of knowing that the van is designed to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities. They have safety features such as handrails and secure seating to help keep the user safe. Preventative maintenance appointments ensure the vehicle is reliable and safe to help extend the life of the vehicle.  Additionally, having a handicap van allows the user to get to the places they need to go in a timely manner. The extra space and secure seating can help them to get to their destination safely and comfortably. Handicap vans often come with specialized driving aids such as power steering, power brakes, and adjustable seating to help make driving easier and more comfortable. With all of these features, the user can feel safe knowing they have the freedom to get to the places they need to go with no worries.

Handicap Vans Can Help You Gain Independence 

An accessible van can allow users to go where they need to go without having to rely on others. With the right modifications, a handicap van can be equipped with a ramp or lift, hand controls, and other features to make entering, exiting, and driving the vehicle easier. This gives the driver a sense of autonomy and makes them feel in control of their own transportation. In addition, the van can be customized to fit the person’s specific needs, allowing them to travel in comfort and safety. Having the ability to drive a wheelchair accessible van can provide a sense of freedom and independence. With the right modifications, a handicap van can be extremely beneficial to providing independence.  

A handicap van offers a great opportunity for people with disabilities to gain increased mobility and independence. These vehicles provide a safe and reliable mode of transportation that allows individuals to travel to and from their desired destinations. With a handicap vehicle, individuals can travel to their medical appointments, take part in social activities, and enjoy a greater level of freedom than ever before. By providing an efficient and comfortable way for individuals to get around, handicap vehicles can help you gain independence. 

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