Buy a new wheelchair van

Should You Buy a New Wheelchair Van?

Buying a New Wheelchair Van

Buying a new wheelchair vehicle is a great way to provide more freedom and independence to those with physical disabilities. With modern wheelchair vehicles, you can easily travel to and from work, school, or other events with ease. Financing and trade-ins are great options to help you purchase a wheelchair vehicle at a price that works for you. Financing allows you to spread the cost of a wheelchair vehicle out over a period of time, making it much more affordable. Trade-ins are also a great option if you are looking to replace an existing wheelchair vehicle with a newer model. With a trade-in, you can use the value of your old vehicle to help pay for the cost of the new one. Our mobility specialist at United Access will work with you to help find the best mobility solution to fit your needs.

New Wheelchair Van Features

Purchasing a new wheelchair vehicle has its benefits. A new wheelchair vehicle is less likely to mechanical issues and has updated features. One example is a light on a ramp during deployment to create a safe path for users to see the ramp in use. New wheelchair vehicles are more likely to have the latest features and technology that can make life easier, such as a ramp system, power lifts, and adjustable seating. These features can make it easier to get in and out of the van, as well as make the ride more comfortable for the person using the wheelchair.

BraunAbility Financing Options for New Wheelchair Vans

Making the decision to purchase a wheelchair vehicle is a major investment, and it’s important to have the right financing plan in place. That is why we have partnered with BraunAbility Finance, the industry’s first dedicated financing provider, to make it easier for our customers to find the perfect financing solution for their needs. With BraunAbility Finance, you can expect clearly defined financing options and same-day approval of your application – typically in less than 60 minutes! Plus, United Access will help complete and submit all the paperwork required for funding and provide DMV licensing on the selected vehicle. We understand that no two customers are the same and that’s why BraunAbility Finance offers flexible financing plans with competitive rates, shorter terms, and convenient service. Whether you’re looking to purchase a wheelchair vehicle outright, finance a portion of the purchase price, or make monthly payments, BraunAbility Finance has the right financing solution that fits your needs. At United Access, we’re here to make sure you get the wheelchair vehicle you need. With BraunAbility Finance, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect financing solution for your purchase. Contact us today to get started.

Vehicle Trade-In to Purchase a New Wheelchair Van

Another way to help you with the cost of a new wheelchair accessible vehicle is by trading in your vehicle. When trading in your previous vehicle, you may be able to use the value of your old vehicle to offset the cost of your new one. This can help you to save money on your purchase and make it more affordable. Additionally, it can help you to avoid the hassle of having to sell your old wheelchair van independently, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Trading in your old vehicle also allows you to avoid any extra costs associated with disposing of it, such as towing or storage fees. Finally, trading in your old wheelchair vehicle can help you to get the new one you want faster, as you are not waiting for the funds from the sale of your old one to come through.

If you choose not to purchase a new wheelchair vehicle, the option to purchase a new-used conversion or a used-used conversion is still available. New-used conversions are vehicles that have been retrofitted with wheelchair lifts or ramps, allowing the user to enter and exit the vehicle with ease. This type of conversion is often a less expensive option than a new wheelchair vehicle, but still offers the same convenience and comfort of a brand-new vehicle. Used-used conversions are vehicles that have been previously owned and modified by another wheelchair user. These vehicles may have some wear and tear from their previous owner, but can still provide a safe, comfortable ride.

Buying a new wheelchair van is a great way to provide more freedom and independence to those with physical disabilities. With financing and trade-ins, you can find a mobility solution that works for you. Our mobility specialists at United Access can help you find the best mobility option to fit your needs.

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