Adaptive equipment for driving

Adaptive Equipment for Driving

The development of mobility solutions and adaptive equipment for driving in the modern day, powered by decades of sophisticated technology, has enormously improved drivers’ and passengers with mobility challenges travel experiences. As a result of new technology, everyday errands and long journeys become more feasible and enjoyable.

United Access is dedicated to helping provide wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive equipment customized to fit your mobility needs. We offer wheelchair and scooter lifts, driving aids, and vehicle transfer seating from our trusted leading manufacturer partners such as Creative Controls Inc., MPS Corporation, Mobility Products & Design, Sure Grip, Mobility Innovations, EMC, Bever Mobility, BraunAbility, Adapt Solutions and more. Furthermore, each mobility technician at United Access is trained, qualified, and authorized to install and service the equipment from all the leading agencies in the industry.

Adaptive Equipment for Driving: Expert Installation

The installation of handicap conversion equipment should be done by a professional with expertise in the field, such as United Access. United Access offers a variety of new and used wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive equipment installed by our educated and trained team of mobility specialists. 

Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

United Access recognizes the importance of convenience when it comes to loading and unloading equipment. We offer a variety of wheelchair and scooter lifts tailored to meet your individual mobility needs. Our selection of wheelchair and scooter lifts are from reliable mobility manufacturers including. BraunAbility, Bruno, and Harmar. Whether you need a lift to mount your mobility equipment on the side, rear, or outside of your vehicle, we have a lift solution for you. Our wheelchair and mobility scooter lifts can lift and store an assembled wheelchair or scooter either on the inside or outside of the vehicle. We offer wheelchair and scooter lifts for your wheelchair accessible van, SUV, car, or truck. Additionally, some lifts can even lift both the wheelchair and occupant into the vehicle.

Driving Aids

Driving aids are available for those with limited motor ability. United Access offers a wide variety of driving aids to be customized to fit your mobility needs. Hand controls for cars and wheelchair vans, available to customers both left- and right-handed, offer a means of regaining independence by allowing the driver to control acceleration and braking with the hands instead of the feet. At United Access, we provide a wide selection of top-notch equipment, driving controls, wheelchair van accessories, and more from the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. Additionally, we offer foot control options that enable the driver to more easily access the gas and brake pedals. Our accessible driving controls are incredibly helpful, offering grips to stabilize the palm and fingers, turn the wheel more easily, accommodate prosthetic hooks, and manage the steering wheel in cases of low wrist stability or minimal grip strength. For even enhanced driving control, orthotic aids, like Tri-Pin type orthotics for those with little or no hand function and joystick orthotics for those able to utilize them. Before installation of a driving aid, an evaluation by a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist must be completed to ensure physical and cognitive capability of the driver.

Accessible Transfer Seats

At United Access, we understand the concerns of those who have limited mobility when it comes to struggling with getting in and out of their vehicles, and we strive to ensure that you can enjoy safe and worry-free travel with our vehicle transfer seating solutions offered by trusted mobility manufacturers such as BraunAbility and Adapt Solutions. Our turning transfer seat solutions allow for discreet access into the vehicle, as the seat swivels outside, making entering and exiting the car safely possible and avoiding any strain or risk of injury from falls. We offer the BraunAbility Turny Evo, BraunAbility Turny Orbit, and BraunAbility Turny Manual as turning swivel seat solutions. Our most economical product type, transfer boards, can be folded up, in, and out of the way for your convenience when driving and are also easy to remove when not in use. For wheelchair accessible vehicle owners who wish to continue riding in the original automotive seat, we have wheelchair accessible vehicle transfer seats available for your convenience. Whether you are looking for a swivel seating solution, transfer board, or vehicle transfer seat, United Access has an adaptive equipment solution for you. 

The development of new technology has provided better access to driving and other transportation options for those with mobility challenges. United Access is a reliable and trusted provider of this technology and equipment, offering a comprehensive range of services and adaptive equipment for driving to suit individual needs.

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