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3 Tips to Finding Wheelchair Replacement Parts

Taking excellent care of your mobility wheelchair can help prolong its life and help you get everywhere you need to be. However, parts inevitably require replacement from time to time.

As specialized machines, it's not always easy to find the part you need to keep your chair operating. Without the right wheelchair replacement parts, people with disabilities have difficulty getting to work, moving throughout the home, or navigating everyday tasks that require the use of a working wheelchair. When you can't get where you need to be, social isolation can set in. 

What can you do to make sure you have the right equipment to stay mobile? Follow these three tips. 

1. Check Your Medicare Coverage

Medicare classifies a wheelchair as durable medical equipment (DME). As long as your chair is necessary to keep mobile inside your home, you may qualify for coverage. Medicare covers some or all of the cost of the mobility equipment recommended by your doctor to remain mobile with your medical condition. 

When a part breaks, contact Medicare to find out about repairs or replacement. Your provider might require repairs before considering a partial or full chair replacement.

If you're the original owner of the chair, you've used it long enough, and repairs cannot put your chair back into working order, Medicare might approve a replacement chair. 

2. Look For Used Parts

When looking for wheelchair replacement parts near me, new parts can be challenging to find. When you find them, they can be expensive.

If new parts fit your budget, find a reputable retailer who can provide the parts and service to fix your chair. However, if new parts are too costly, recycled wheelchair parts can be the right solution to fix your chair.

Be sure to verify the safety of used parts before swapping them for broken pieces on your chair. Used parts can provide cost savings, but don't sacrifice safety to save money on replacement parts.

Your local mobility dealer may be able to help you locate used parts for your wheelchair. 

3. Protect Wheelchair Replacement Parts 

When you find the wheelchair replacement parts you need, protect your chair (and those parts) with the right wheelchair accessible van.

The right van accommodates your driving needs, helps you enter and exit the vehicle, and holds your chair in place while driving. Depending on your needs, choose from a rear-entry or side-entry vehicle that fits your budget and keeps you on the move. 

If a new van isn't in your price range, consider a dependable, BraunAbility certified pre-owned or used wheelchair accessible van.

Let Us Help You Stay Mobile

Taking excellent care of your equipment is the best way to stay mobile, be everywhere you need to be, and avoid the expense and exhaustive search for new wheelchair replacement parts. 

BraunAbility is here to help you keep moving! Contact us to learn more about the best van options to protect your wheelchair.

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