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Kinds of Handicap Vehicles from United Access 

United Access offers a variety of new and used handicap vehicles to fit any budget and lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a wheelchair accessible minivan, handicap SUV or handicap accessible truck, we have the perfect mobility solution for you. We understand the importance of having a reliable and safe wheelchair access vehicle that fits your specific needs, so our knowledgeable and trusted mobility specialists are here to help you every step of the way. We strive to make sure you leave with the confidence that you have the right handicap vehicle for you.

We have a wide variety of handicap vehicles, vans and SUVs from which to choose. These vehicles have been modified with the latest technology, features and add-ons to give you the highest level of accessibility and convenience. We understand the challenges you may encounter and work closely with you to find the perfect mobility solution for your needs. Our Mobility Specialists don't just sell vehicles or products - they listen to your story to find the best option that meets your specific needs. They are committed to providing you with an honest assessment and recommendation, so that you know you're getting what is truly right for you. When you purchase from United Access, you can rest assured knowing that you have chosen the very best in wheelchair accessible transportation.

Types of Handicap Vehicles

Wheelchair accessible minivans provide comfortable, convenient transportation for people with mobility challenges. Not only are these vehicles wheelchair accessible, but they also offer additional features to make the ride even more enjoyable. Handicap minivans feature lowered floors, allowing for easier and more comfortable wheelchair transfers. This makes loading and unloading wheelchairs into the vehicle a breeze.

Most minivans also offer a variety of seating configurations to accommodate passengers of various heights and weights. These handicap vehicles can also offer features designed to ensure comfort and accessibility, such as power door openers. United Access offers wheelchair accessible minivan options from trusted Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, and Toyota

If a minivan is not for you, we offer wheelchair accessible SUVs and wheelchair accessible trucks as a mobility solution. Wheelchair accessible SUVs have common modifications to make a SUV more accessible including lowered floor technology to provide extra headroom and legroom, an automated or manual wheelchair ramp that allows easier access into the vehicle, widened doors or doorways to allow wider entry, and added restraints and securement systems to attach the wheelchair in place while in transit.

Benefits of Handicap Vehicles

One of the biggest benefits to owning a handicap SUV is the additional space and storage they offer. United Access offers the BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse. The BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse is the most spacious accessible SUV on the market and features a powered side-entry ramp. It includes features such removable seats and can seat up to 7 passengers.

Handicap Trucks

Trucks as an alternative to wheelchair accessible minivans. A wheelchair accessible truck has a lowered floor, making it easier for a wheelchair user to enter and exit the truck with a ramp or lift.  When it comes to driving, accessible trucks offer several additional benefits. With the appropriate lifted suspension, you’ll find no obstacle too large or too small to handle. The greater ground clearance is ideal for off-roading. Inclement weather is taken in stride, with all-wheel drive. When transporting cargo, the accessible truck is up to the task; plus, the extended cab provides plenty of additional storage space. For many adventurers, an accessible truck empowers them to hit the open road with confidence. United Access offers wheelchair accessible truck conversions from our trusted partners Ryno Mobility and ATC Trucks.

If you are not ready to purchase a new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle, Untied Access offers accessible vehicle rentals for daily, weekly or monthly use. Our wheelchair accessible vehicles can be rented conveniently and cost-effectively from any of our locations across the United States. Our fully powered side entry vans are remote-controlled, and they come with tie-down straps to secure wheelchairs and seat belts for extra safety. You can also configure them to transport one or two wheelchairs/scooters. Upon renting, you'll receive instructions and demonstrations of van operation. Wheelchair vehicle rentals include accessible Toyota Sienna's and at select stores the BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse.

United Access offers a wide selection of reliable, safe, and accessible wheelchair vehicles to meet any budget and lifestyle needs. Our mobility team is dedicated to finding the perfect mobility solution for you and will work closely with you in every step of the journey. With our knowledgeable and experienced mobility specialists, you can trust we will help you find the best mobility solution to fit your needs. Contact us today or visit one of our locations to get started.

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