Wheelchair Vehicle & Disability Funding and Financing

We understand how challenging it may seem to find the right financing solution for mobility equipment. When it comes to wheelchair van funding and financing, there are several paths to explore. Knowing these options, whether you're looking for financial assistance or investigating loan possibilities to afford a wheelchair van, is crucial. That's why we're dedicated to offering resources and support to help you afford a wheelchair van.  

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Financing Support 

Contact us today to learn more about our wheelchair van and mobility solution financing options and how we can assist in your search to regain your mobility or explore our informative funding and financing article library. You can also check out our financing resources with lists of grants, agencies, and partners available to our customers across the nation, as well as answers to some of your most frequently asked financing questions.  

Used Wheelchair Vans Under $10,000

Whether you’re new to shopping for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, or just getting started in your search, one thing is likely already clear: wheelchair accessible vehicles under $10,000 are hard to find

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Are There Used Wheelchair Vans Under $5,000?

Looking for a used wheelchair vans under $5,000? United Access is here to help you find mobility solutions to best fit your needs and budget.

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Yes, You Can Afford a Handicap Vehicle with Help from United Access

Despite high costs, you can still afford a handicap vehicle. Research and compromise, but don't give up--the right handicap vehicle for you is out there.

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United Access Assists Veteran in Wheelchair Van Financing

United Access understands purchasing a wheelchair accessible van is a big investment. We offer wheelchair van financing options for veterans.

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Is the Cost Worth Renting a Handicap Van?

Thinking about renting a handicap van? Is the cost of renting a van worth it? United Access helps make renting a handicap vehicle simple and affordable.

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How to Afford a Handicap Van

Government programs, tax incentives, financing, leasing, and renting are options that can help you afford a handicap van.

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Veteran Benefits – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles & Vans

Learn about United Access’s veteran benefits for mobility equipment that are available and how to purchase an accessible vehicle.

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Understanding the Genesis of Complex Rehab Funding

If you think funding for equipment is bad today, think about when there was no funding for wheelchairs. This brief review of the modern history of the wheelchair helps put the current fight for funding in perspective.

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Handicap Vans Are Not as Expensive as You Think

It is true that wheelchair accessible vans can be costly, but there are methods of reducing costs and still getting a quality product you can rely on. Purchasing a used van may be the answer.

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