Storage Space: 5 Advantages of Using Top of Car Storage

Almost one-third of mobility device users need assistance from another person to accomplish one or more Activities of Daily Life (ADL). What if you could reduce your dependence on others and gain independence? A top of car storage compartment for your wheelchair may be just what you need.

Start enjoying these five benefits when you install a rooftop chair topper on your vehicle.

1. More Interior Space

Creating storage space on top of your vehicle eliminates the need to store your wheelchair in the vehicle. This creates more space inside for other cargo or passengers.

It also makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. You won’t have to struggle with maneuvering the wheelchair into a vehicle that isn’t designed for carrying a wheelchair. You won’t have to constantly put the seats up and down to create more cargo space.

Keeping your wheelchair in a separate cargo area on the roof also helps to keep the interior of your vehicle cleaner. This helps to retain your vehicle’s value.

2. Independence

The biggest drawback of wheelchair car storage is that most cannot be used independently. This takes away the freedom of the person needing the wheelchair. A BraunAbility Chair Topper gives this freedom back.

The wheelchair owner transfers from the foldable manual wheelchair to the vehicle seat. They then use the handheld control to raise the topper’s lift arm that folds the wheelchair and stores it in a horizontal position. The topper opens and closes on its own so that the wheelchair owner can do the entire process.

3. Vehicle Choice

Adding roof storage to your vehicle means you can choose any vehicle you want. You are no longer limited to a large SUV or van. This is nice because it gives you the freedom to focus on the type and style of vehicle that you like or one that you find easy to get in and out of.

A wheelchair topper can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. Your BraunAbility dealer can help you determine the ideal vehicle for installation.

4. Low Profile

The low profile nature of a wheelchair roof rack means you can go more places. One drawback of many mobility vans is that they are too tall to drive in certain places. Perhaps you have a small garage attached to your home that your vehicle needs to fit into. Or maybe there’s a parking garage that your vehicle needs to be low enough to drive into.

The low 21-inch profile design means it’s big enough to hold your wheelchair in place but not so big that it hinders your ability to drive.

5. Equipment Protection

Unlike wheelchair racks that mount on the back of your vehicle, the top of car storage creates a durable and protective storage space. You can then drive in any type of weather without worrying about your wheelchair prematurely degrading.

The weathertight construction of the wheelchair carrier creates a watertight seal and protects your wheelchair from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Consider Top of Car Storage for Your Vehicle

Gain your independence and peace of mind with a BraunAbility chair topper. This unique top of car storage is perfect for giving you mobility with any vehicle. You can park in standard parking spots, drive the car you want, and operate the lift by yourself.

Browse our accessible vehicles and find the perfect solution for your mobility needs.

demonstration of chair topper on a sedan