If your loved one has limitations in their movements, the gift of mobility can brighten their day — and maybe even the rest of their lives! A wheelchair van is the perfect gift because it can help them achieve mobility independence. At Ability Center, we offer a wide range of accessible vehicles and mobility products for wheelchair users. Keep reading to discover mobility gift ideas for this holiday season.

Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users

Whether you are shopping for a loved one or yourself this year, there is a wide range of mobility solutions for all levels of mobility challenges. From hand controls and driving aids to mobility lifts and wheelchair vans, your local Ability Center dealer has the perfect gift to show that you truly care. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Hand Controls

Automotive hand controls are an ideal mobility solution for wheelchair users who want to be independent behind the wheel. Hand controls allow drivers to operate both the brake and gas pedals with levers that are fastened below the steering wheel and attached to the pedals themselves. They come in various styles that conform to a person’s natural hand-arm-wrist movement for a more comfortable driving experience.

Driving Aids

Electronic driving aids are ideal for individuals who can move no more than two extremities. This mobility product utilizes an interface that is integrated into the electronic system of the vehicle to help you operate the car. The primary controls govern direction and movement (e.g., gas, breaks, and steering) while the secondary controls operate all other vehicle functions.

Mobility Lifts

If your loved one needs help getting in and out of their vehicle, a mobility lift may be the perfect solution. From wheelchair lifts to assist seating, Ability Center offers several options for those living with a physical disability. These include:

  • Automotive assist seating. These valet seats can be installed in the front passenger position, front driver position or the rear passenger position.
  • Power wheelchair lifts. Inside lifts can be installed in the rear or side part of the vehicle, while under vehicle lifts (UVL) are mounted outside and underneath the car, allowing unobstructed passenger access.
  • Scooter and wheelchair lifts. This type of mobility lift allows you to carry a scooter or wheelchair fully assembled while keeping the trunk space available for other items.

Wheelchair Vans

Your local Ability Center dealer offers accessible vehicles to purchase. We have hundreds of wheelchair vans available and in-stock. This includes side-entry and rear-entry as well as used and new options, in addition to SUVs and trucks. Our technicians are able to install mobility solutions in your current vehicle to make it accessible.

If you are thinking about a wheelchair van but aren’t sure if you want to purchase one just yet, we offer vehicles for rent. Our fleet of accessible vans is available for short-term or long-term rent, allowing you to experience the car first-hand before deciding to buy.

Did any of these holiday gift ideas catch your eye? If you need help browsing wheelchair vans or mobility products, reach out to your local Ability Center dealer! Our team of Mobility Specialists is available in all 15 of our locations across the country to ensure you and your loved ones find mobility independence.