If you’re in the market for an accessible vehicle, chances are you’re debating whether you should purchase a new or used wheelchair van. Explore the different factors that qualify an accessible vehicle as either new or used — as well as their relative benefits — to get started finding the right mobility solutions for your lifestyle!

New Vs. Used Wheelchair Vans

While this may seem like a straightforward statement, there are actually more than just two basic tiers when it comes to categorizing a new or used handicap van.

New Wheelchair Vans

A new wheelchair van is exactly what it sounds like — new. Accessible vehicles in this category have never been owned or used before, meaning you’ll be the first person to and drive it. It is both a brand new vehicle and a brand new conversion. This is why these models are labeled New-New.

New-New wheelchair vans come straight from the manufacturer your mobility provider partners with, and can often be customized with different conversion options based on your preferences and needs. This allows you to choose from the most state-of-the-art mobility solutions on the market to outfit your new vehicle.

Additionally, a new wheelchair van from Ability Center will have approximately 250 miles or less on it, comes with the full standard 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on the vehicle and ramp system, and a free 43-point inspection of the system every six months..

Used Wheelchair Vans

While new wheelchair vans are pretty self-explanatory, used handicap vans require a bit more detail to categorize — Ability Center’s inventory of used vans includes what are called Used-New and Used-Used vehicles.

Used-New vans are vehicles that were either sold or traded in to Ability Center to be converted with accessible features. This type of used vehicle can have up to 50,000 miles on it — any more and it may be ineligible for conversion due to its condition. While the vehicle has been previously owned or used, the conversion itself is brand new.

Used-Used vans, on the other hand, are previously owned or used converted vehicles — both the van itself and its accessible features have been used. Some Ability Center customers, like veterans, regularly trade in their vehicles. This means that our inventory of Used-Used vans, including the different make, model, and feature options you have to choose from, is constantly changing.

Which One Is Right For You?

When searching for your next accessible vehicle, it’s important to note that both new and used wheelchair vans have their respective pros and cons. Preparing for your search with a list of must-have features can help you narrow down your options faster.

You May Want to Buy New If

There are a few factors that may influence whether a new accessible vehicle is the right option for your needs. The first is technology.

Higher-tech, more state-of-the-art mobility solutions may be difficult to find in Used-Used models as their conversions are older. And while you are more likely to find the modern solutions you need in a Used-New handicap van, it may require some searching or waiting for the right model to come on the market.

This is where New-New wheelchair vans shine. These models often allow for customization straight from the manufacturer. This means that you’ll get the features you need in the make and model you’ve chosen, custom-built just for you.

New-New vehicles also come with lower mileage than Used-New and Used-Used models. This helps boost your new vehicle’s chances of both lasting longer for your use and retaining its value in the event you should choose to trade it in or sell it in the future. Whether you want to keep your new accessible vehicle for the long haul or plan to trade up at some point, a New-New model will help you get the most longevity and future benefit out of your purchase.

If you’re on the hunt for a wheelchair van with unique or higher-tech conversions, low mileage, and higher prospective resale value, a New-New model may be right for you. However, it’s important to ensure you budget accordingly as this is the most expensive category of inventory.

You May Want to Buy Used If

If price point is a major concern of yours, used wheelchair vans come in a wide range of options offering great value.

Purchasing a Used-New van can save you up to $10,000 compared to a comparable New-New model — add in the full warranty and brand new accessibility features, and that’s a great deal for clients seeking a balance between high-tech and affordable. Our Used-New BraunAbility inventory even offers a Certified Pre-Owned program for even more peace of mind when purchasing used.

Opting for a Used-Used handicap van will lead to even more savings — some models start as low as $15,000. While being the cheapest category of inventory does pose some significant benefits, you may have to do a bit of digging to find the make, model, and features you need. Luckily, Ability Center receives new inventory daily from sales and trade-ins, so there’s always something new to explore.

If you need to stick to a tight budget or don’t require any special features uncommon in most conversions, buying a used wheelchair van may help you get the most bang for your buck.

Financing Your Accessible Vehicle Purchase

Regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase a new or used handicap van, Ability Center offers a range of financing opportunities to make sure every client can get the most value out of their purchase. If you’re looking to replace your current vehicle, explore Ability Center’s trade-in and sale options to help you find the perfect solution for your lifestyle on the right budget.

While the list above includes the most notable benefits to each type of accessible vehicle, it’s important to remember that the right option for you will cater directly to your unique preferences and needs. Speaking to one of Ability Center’s Mobility Specialists can help ensure you drive off in a vehicle outfitted with everything on your list of must-haves.

View Ability Center’s inventory of new and used wheelchair vans to help you find the perfect mode of transportation for your unique needs! We have new inventory arriving on the lot every day, so you’re sure to find something that’s just right for you!