Drive for Inclusion

Drive for Inclusion

Our Commitment

Drive for Inclusion is BraunAbility’s global movement for accessibility and independence for those living with mobility challenges and their caregivers.

Our goal is to build a more mobility-inclusive society that makes it possible for people of all ability levels to fully contribute to the world around them.  

To get there, we need to share the challenges and obstacles the disability community faces. BraunAbility invites anyone living with a mobility challenge, including caregivers, to join our online survey community - The Driving Force - we can unite your voices and take action for mobility inclusion. 

Drive for Inclusion



To me inclusion kinda means life. Like I literally cannot live my life without having accessibility and having that kind of inclusion into the general society.

- Natalie, member of The Driving Force

Join the Driving Force

Join The Driving Force


Drive for Inclusion is the movement. The Driving Force is the community that makes it move.

Meet the Advisory Board

Advisory Board


Meet the people who are ensuring Drive for Inclusion is on the right path.            

Change Starts With Us

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Our commitment to driving for inclusion starts with our employee family.