Full Size Van Accessibility Conversion

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A van conversion allows people with disabilities to operate their full size van. But conversions are extensive. Many people have questions about what a van conversion does, or what they should ask for. 

Look no further. Here are five things to ask for in your full size van accessibility conversion. 

1. Seats

The first step of any van conversion is seat removal. Driver and passenger seats are removed, along with their interior panels. 

For easy movement into and out of a car, ask for transfer seats. Transfer seats can rotate, allowing you to enter and exit without twisting yourself. You can install seats that lower out of a vehicle, letting you access the ground easier. 

Transfer boards are a great alternative to transfer seats. You can place the board on the side of a seat. When you want to exit, slide the board down, and pivot across it. 

2. Hand Controls

Hand controls are a terrific modification for full size vans. The Department of Transportation approves of many different controls, so you can customize your van to your needs. 

Conversion manufacturers adjust gas and brake pedals so you push and pull on them. Most hand controls are available in both electronic and pneumatic setups. Try both, and ask your conversion manufacturer for the one that works best for you. 

3. Securements

Conversion manufacturers can install many different securements in your car. Manual tie-downs allow you or a passenger to tie down objects in the back of a car. 

Retractable tie-downs have less strap, so you or an object won't get tangled up. Draw the tie-down from the ceiling of the car, then secure it to the floor. 

Power tie-downs are the most secure tie-down products on the market. If you have a wheelchair, attach a rod to the wheelchair and then attach the rod to the tie-down. 

Power tie-downs can be used for all seats in the car. If you want to drive without leaving your wheelchair, you can select a power tie-down. 

4. Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are designed for full size vans. You can choose several different kinds of lifts.

A UVL is installed under the vehicle, remaining out of sight until you need it. A Millennium Series Lift has a lowered side rail, increasing versatility for moving in and out. A Century Series Lift automatically folds up, conserving space in and around your van. 

5. Doors 

Sliding doors allow you to move in and out of a van with ease. Tracks along the roof and floor let a door slide without scraping the car. The doors open wide so movement is easy. 

Consider if you will be using a vehicle lift or foldout ramp. If you will, you will need a door that slides without damaging the lift or ramp.

Make sure your conversion manufacturer uses premium parts. Plastic and wire extensions will wear out and get damaged in an accident. 

The Full Size Van of Your Dreams

Your next destination is just up ahead. Full size van accessibility conversion allows you and your loved ones to use your full size van. Consider a few things to ask for. 

Transfer seats swivel, allowing you to enter and exit without straining your neck or back. Hand controls let you control a car with hand-operated pedals. 

Securements secure you and your personal belongings. Vehicle lifts and doors let you enter and exit your van without worry. 

Go to a conversion manufacturer that knows the ins and outs of automobiles. BraunAbility has almost 50 years of experience in providing for people with disabilities. Contact us today, or call us at 1-888-365-9417.

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