BraunAbility® Under Vehicle Bus Wheelchair Lift

The Premier Commercial Wheelchair Lift for Buses

The UVL Series, or "Under Vehicle Lift", has emerged as the premier commercial wheelchair lift for buses. The UVL retracts into a weather-tight enclosure and remains out of your way until needed. The lift is either installed in your existing step configuration or in a dedicated lift door. With different models capable of several floor-to-ground heights, there is a UVL designed to fit your needs.

Features Include:

  • Fully automatic lift, operated by an attendant
  • Available models that mount in your existing step configuration, or in a dedicated lift door
  • Aluminum housing is fully enclosed to be weather tight
  • Features a power pack remotely-mounted hydraulic pump with power up/gravity down operation
  • Handheld 4-button pendant control operates all lift functions
  • Slip-resistant platform
  • Automatic outboard barrier engages before platform leaves the ground
  • Mechanical inboard barrier/bridge plate
  • The lift will not close with weight on the platform for safety
  • The manual backup system as a standard feature
  • The rattle-free environment inside, providing a pleasant quiet ride
  • Diagnostic system for easy troubleshooting
  • Bearings are sealed or self-lubricating
  • All functions operate from a digital logic board located inside power pack
  • Durable high-gloss powder coated finish
UVL Wheelchair Lift

United States Department of Transportation Rules and Regulations 49CFR, Part 38.
“Provided to make your spec writing easier.”

The lift is electro-hydraulically operated with a remotely mounted pump and a single action cylinder(s). The reservoir has a one quart capacity and the hydraulic system has a maximum pressure of 3250 P.S.I. The hydraulic system shall operate with H5606 aircraft-type hydraulic fluid. The lift is constructed of an aluminum housing, steel carriage, with a slip-resistant platform using a chain drive for deploying and stowing of the lift.

The lift shall have an automatic front barrier (ARS) which releases when the lift platform is on the ground and is up and locked before the platform can be raised.

The lift shall be totally self-contained and connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. The lift shall be load-tested and rated at a static load capacity of 2400 lbs. The lift shall be capable of operating in a temperature range of -10 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The control for raising and lowering the lift shall be a four-button hand control attached to a cord. The lift functions shall be clearly marked on the hand control.

The electrical operation is a digital logic design that allows the lift to know its location at all times. The platform senses weight to prevent stowing of the lift while weight is on the platform. The platform will not raise unless the outboard barrier is fully up. A digital diagnostic system is built into the lift’s electrical system.

The lift shall have sealed bearings used in the carriage to allow the lift to deploy smoothly and adjust for wear. The bearings shall ensure extended cycle life and reduce maintenance and lubrication. A manual backup system shall be provided with each lift in the event of a vehicle electrical failure.

The hand control for lift operation shall be of a one-hand operation design made of durable plastic. The hand control will provide user with illuminated functions. The hand control cable shall be coiled with quick-change connections for ease of maintenance or field change.

The lift shall comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and FMVSS 403 requirements. The lift shall have an operator’s manual included.

BraunAbility NUVL Series to include but not limited to the following model numbers:

• NUVL855R

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