BraunAbility Q-Series Commercial Wheelchair Lift

Completely Quiet Premium Wheelchair Lifts


Enjoy the silence

It's a well-known fact that a stowed wheelchair lift in the back of the van can clank, rattle and clonk to the point of driving anyone inside insane. By enlisting Professor Mark French, an acoustics expert at the prestigious Purdue University in Indiana, we set out to silence the lift once and for all. The Q-Series lifts are oh so quiet. They are actually indistinguishable from the noise in an empty van.

To make sure your BraunAbility wheelchair lift stays as beautiful as the day you bought it we have added a number of details to areas exposed to the wear and tear of daily usage. For instance, the parts of the lift that comes in contact with the ground are now made of rubber and stainless steel. This will prevent rust and unsightly scratches from staring back at you as soon as you open the door to the lift. When these “bumpers” eventually wear out, they’re easy to replace.

Platform Types - The Q-Series wheelchair lifts come in two different platform types, Split and Solid. Both are well-proven platform types that have their own benefits. Choose the platform type that best suits your application

Split platform

Out of sight and out of the way

This platform type stows by splitting down the middle with each part folding up against the sides of the vehicle. In its stowed position the wheelchair lift is out of the way and out of sight. This means that the vehicle's entrance can always be used to get in and out of the vehicle and does not block the exit in case of an emergency evacuation.

The vehicle floor to lift threshold is the lowest on the market making loading easy and reduces the risk of tripping to a minimum. The split platform is designed for side and rear door installation.

Solid platform

Standard platform type with Q-Series features

The perhaps most classic design of a wheelchair lift platform. A no-frills solid platform carrying all the benefits of a Q-Series lift. As the solid platform has less moving parts than other platform types there are also fewer adjustments during installation. Its short depth leaves more space for seats inside the vehicle. The solid platform is designed for side and rear door installation.

Completely quiet premium wheelchair lifts.
Q Series Wheelchair lift

Noise Level
How to look at sound


Even when visualising the noise in the form of a frequency spectrum plot you will not be able to tell whether the van is empty or if it has a Q-Series lift installed. A common way to measure loudness is by the A weighted decibel level or dBA. When we measured a number of our competitors they were 5-19 dBA louder than the empty vehicle. Since dBA is not a linear scale, every increase of 10 dBA is generally perceived to be twice as loud. So an increase of 5-19 dBA means that competitive lifts raised the ambient noise to almost four times the normal volume of the interior.

Imagine that, a noise four times louder than anything already in your vehicle. Gives you a headache just thinking about it.

        Empty van                               dBA               Loudness
        BraunAbility Q-Series lift     +0 dBA          0%
        Competitor A                          +5 dBA          > 41%
        Competitor B                          +6 dBA          > 52%
        Competitor C                          +19 dBA         > 373%


Q Series Wheelchair lift


Rattle and drum

All hydraulics lose pressure over time, and the problem with this in a wheelchair lift is that the lift will slowly acquire the ability to rattle. For each ignition cycle, Auto-Tite™ will check the pressure of the hydraulics, ensure the doors are closed, wait for the engine to be started, and if necessary start the pump making sure the lift is stowed up tight.

Q Series Wheelchair lift


Noise Suppression
Sometimes being uptight is a good thing.

So how did we silence the Q-Series lifts? Well we didn't leave anything to chance, that's for sure. They are packed with noise suppression features and a unique feature called Auto-Tite™.

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