The Many Names of the Rampvan

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With a specialized vehicle like one of our Rampvans, it is easy to get attached. When people get attached to things, they tend to get a nickname eventually. My car, for instance, has been referred to as Sheila since I took my first long trip driving it. We took to Facebook and Twitter to hear some of the names our community has for their BraunAbility vehicles.

  • Josh Woody calls his the Cherry Bomb
  • Marv Grandstaff calls his A God Send
  • Kevin Lamy goes back and forth between The Bat Mobile and Big Banana Boat
  • Candice Butchinos children call their Toyota Cici the Sienna
  • Treisha Denton uses the name (possibly my favorite) My Husband Chariot, as it is his means of getting around
  • Barbara Reed calls hers Pearly Mae
  • Alice Shartran has a vanity plate displaying the name LoadNGo, the plate holder reads, Have van, Well Travel. A very fitting name and plate indeed!
  • Laurie Johnson simply put it as Vantastic
  • Heather Bartaway-Bibb took to the seas with The Black Pearl
  • Brandon Stump drives Big Red
  • Kris Kreutzman is keeping it retro with Shaggin Wagon
  • Scott Springstead included a picture of Freedom Van

  • Tammy Armstrong, in honor of her 3-year-old son nicknamed Tiger, calls her van Tigers Toy
  • Phil and Carol Vincelett matched the front bumper plate of skulls and crossbones with silver flames to the name, Jack Sparrow
  • Gail Datlinkos Magic Van is opened when her 3-year-old nephew says Abra Cadabra
  • Karen Lohr drives her own Batmobile
  • Patricia Durham possesses the Big Mama Van
  • Julie Jeffries-Rose captains Dingy on the roadways
  • Tony Nardo dubbed his "the Freedom Mobile" as he and his wife can go out without a rental vehicle now
  • Prepy Thermidor pilots The Starship
  • Loures Oramas has tamed the Rojo Matador
  • Deana Bohannon named hers Maddie Wagon in memory of a friends daughter who used the vehicle before she passed
  • Gina Wallace calls hers New Dawn
  • Sarah Rosenweig jokingly refers to hers as Gimp Mobile
  • Hector Del Valle takes a page from Knight Rider and calls his KITT
  • Ken Chun uses the term his kids do, Daddys Van
  • Anne Pollick goes everywhere with Betsy

Now, they weren't all loving pet names. We received two that were definitely named to get a point across:

  • Tina Sharp refers to hers as Clanker - Sorry to hear that, Tina, but we do want you to know that our new Quiet Drive system is proven to reduce noise by up to 30% on new vehicles! BraunAbility lowered floor vehicles are now quieter than ever before.
  • Richard Alexander goes with Dragging Bottom- Thanks, Richard. Any time you lower a floor for the trade off of greater functionality and space for a wheelchair user, you'll find less ground clearance than in an OEM vehicle. That's typical throughout the industry, but it is an issue we're working to continuously improve!

If you have any nicknames that youd like to share, please leave a comment below!

Micah Christensen is a freelance writer for BraunAbility and loves to share the stories of our customers and dealers. Follow BraunAbility on Twitter! @BraunAbility