Fix Your Wheelchair Van Right With a BraunAbility Dealer

Don't Cut Corners - Fix it Right With a BraunAbility Wheelchair Van Dealer

We've all thought about taking a shortcut when we're sick and visiting the always-on-call doctor: Med-Point or any other "after-hours" clinics. You give them your symptoms and walk out with a prescription feeling like you're on the road to good health and recovery. Even though you've been feeling bad for weeks or months, you neglect to go to your family doctor, even though he or she knows everything about us. "Yeah, doc, I know you said to stop drinking seven cups of coffee a day, but I'm still doing it," you'd have to admit. Instead, you get a quick-fix somewhere else. Except you forgot to mention that you're taking blood pressure medication, and, by the way, you've been using over-the-counter antacids for weeks now. Then one day you end up in the emergency room due to complications from all the "fixes", and you have more problems than when this all started.

While you may have visited a doctor, you should have seen the physician who truly knows and cares about you. The same thing happens if customers decide to bypass their BraunAbility dealer for service. Let's face it, the dealer knows your van or lift and has been trained to diagnose and service every BraunAbility Rampvan, Entervan or countless other Braun mobility products.

General service garages are fine for oil changes, but wheelchair accessible vehicles are a specialized piece of equipment that is crucial to ensuring your independence. Don't risk your freedom by visiting a drive-thru "doctor"! Take your accessible vehicle to the folks that know you and your van and can provide the preventative maintenance to keep you on the road for years to come. Make your BraunAbility dealer your first stop for service and preventive maintenance next time and every time!