The Disability in Each of Us

"Disability should be as commonplace as a person who wears glasses."

I love that quote. I don't remember where I read it, but it proves that none of us is physically perfect. As we age, we become less agile and strong. Maybe a knee needs replaced or a hip was injured in an accident. Losing physical strength is just a part of life, and that's okay!

Disability in each of us

Disability in today's world is far-reaching. Just this spring, the National Organization on Disability gathered some surprising statistics.

  • There are approximately 600 million men, women and children with disabilities in the world.
  • The estimated number of people who require rehabilitation services at any point in time is 1.5% of the population, I.e. about 90 million people.
  • Approximately 85% of people with disabilities are in developing countries and are doubly disadvantaged by poverty and disability.
  • Counting family members who also are directly affected, a fifth of the world's population lives with a disability on a daily basis.

One look at those statistics, and it's easy to see why the demand for BraunAbility Entervans, Rampvans and wheelchair lifts is growing each day. No matter the severity of the disability, each person affected by mobility impairment deserves the chance to experience life as completely as possible. I'm extremely grateful for all of my mobility products -- the cane, the scooter, the wheelchair van, and more - for how they've helped me get out the door and get on with my life!

So, next time I see someone wearing glasses, I'll remember that each of us belongs to the human race and must face the human condition of our imperfect body. But that's okay - no body's perfect!