Wheelchair Vans - Straight Talk about Sliding Doors

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Wheelchair Vans - Making Sure that Your Sliding Door is Reliable

Apart from actual vehicle operation and the accessible features, what's the most important feature in yourwheelchair van? The automatic sliding doors, of course! If the door doesn't work, you don't get in or, even worse, you don't get out.

You don't want to think about that possibility of being trapped in your wheelchair van, but you should - because you can't assume that all door systems are alike. You can't even assume that they operate the way the original equipment manufacturer intended. Why? Because the car companies don't design their automatic door systems to work with the other accessible features in your wheelchair van, an automatic ramp, and an automatic kneeling system.

When you consider the fact that a wheelchair van's automatic door sees more use than a standard van...and you add to that the consequences of door failure for a person with limited mobility, I think you'll agree that this is not the place to cut corners.

BraunAbility has spent a lot of time and resources designing a system that works - every time - time after time - in all weather and temperature conditions! After all, you're depending on it! So the bottom line is: it's important to know what you're buying. And in this video, we're going to show you exactly what that is.