Servicing Your Toyota Rampvan - Keep It Simple

Toyota Rampvan BraunAbility van conversion|

As a leader in the automotive industry, Toyota has brought their reputation for exceptional customer service to the mobility industry even before their introduction of the ToyotaRampvan. In 2001, Toyota entered the mobility industry in the United States by offering a mobility rebate for customers needing adaptive equipment. In 2003, they stepped up even further by authorizing a lowered floor conversion of the Toyota Sienna. BraunAbility is the exclusive converter of the popular Sienna Rampvan.

Since the launch of this conversion, Toyota has noticed an issue many people in the mobility community have encountered for some time: the run-around that can sometimes occur when the customer is bounced from mobility dealer to the car dealer trying to find out if the problem is with the conversion or the vehicle itself.

Toyota Rampvan conversion sienna repair card

To help ensure Toyota's customer satisfaction stays at a high level, Toyota has come up with a Service Information Exchange (SIE) card. This card is available to BraunAbility dealers who are authorized to sell the ToyotaRampvan. When a vehicle is brought in for repairs and the mobility dealer feels the problem is with the Toyota van and not the conversion, they can fill out the information on the card and send the vehicle to the local Toyota dealer to be diagnosed. The Toyota dealer will have contact and authorization from BraunAbility to work on and repair the vehicle and/or conversion.

This service offered by Toyota is completely new to the mobility industry. As many people may know, taking a van from the mobility dealer to the car dealer, and then back to the mobility dealer can prove to be tiresome and time consuming. Remember to always be sure that the SIE card is properly filled out before taking your converted Sienna to the Toyota dealer for any repairs. This will ensure the Toyota dealer has all the necessary information, and they will know that Toyota does indeed authorize the conversion and has the proper resources to ensure the vehicle is repaired properly.

As BraunAbility moves forward, we hope to work with other manufactures (Chrysler, GM and others) to make a deal similar to the commitment Toyota has made to the mobility community. This can only mean good things for you, our customers-we know how much you depend on your vehicle every day!