Salespeople or Consultants? You Decide!

Abilities Expo Sales consultants

A few weeks ago I attended my first Abilities Expo held in Edison, NJ. The expo showcased numerous products that people with disabilities and their families could "get up close and personal with." For their viewing were all kinds of wheelchairs to all kinds of wheelchair accessible products. This of course included a variety of BraunAbility wheelchair vans and even a full-sized van with a wheelchair lift.

Abilities Expo Salespeople or ConsultantsThese items were displayed by each BraunAbility Dealer that exhibited at the show. As I visited with people in the various booths, it was not hard to see how choosing the right mobility products can be an overwhelming proposition for some. There was so much to see and so much to use. So, what and who do you trust?

Enter the salesperson. Oh yes, and let's be wary. We all know the old joke: how do you know if a salesperson is telling you a lie? Answer....their lips are moving! Well, I'm happy to say in this case it just doesn't hold true. While listening to the BraunAbility dealers interact with customers, I found that these so-called salespeople are truly consultants. If the discussion is strictly about the sale in this industry, our customers would see right through it. No, as I could quickly see, consultant is a much more accurate term to describe those who were "moving their lips."

Being able to see products up close as opposed to virtually on a website allows our customers to discuss their needs face-to-face with our consultants. And when it becomes face-to-face, you can better believe it stops being "just about the sale."

This is why BraunAbility is so dedicated to our dealer network. We know that these are the people who are there every day...person-to-person and face-to-face with the customer in need. BraunAbility wants the best dealers to be our partners, because we want the best dealers to be your partner. After all, this purchase you are about to make is a little more important than the latest DVD movie from!

At BraunAbility we put a lot of effort into building outstanding wheelchair lifts and handicap vans, and we have the best dealers in the industry to represent them. These dealers allow BraunAbility and our products to be a part of your lives - face-to-face and person-to-person.

Our tagline reads, "Because Life is a Moving Experience." Sure it is intended for you, but it applies to us and our dealer network as well. We need to be right there with you, and move right along beside you. We are your partners, and your consultants.

If you stop in to see a BraunAbility Dealer and talk to one of their consultants, and you listen like I did to their "moving lips," it won't be hard to see that it is not just about the sale. Life is indeed a moving experience, and as you discuss your needs with our consultants you will see how truly moving the experience can be.