Praise from a Veteran of the Auto Industry

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While we appreciate any feedback from our BraunAbility customers (even the constructive criticism), once in a while a compliment comes along that's especially gratifying. Such was the case when we read a recent note from George Brown of Winona Lake, Indiana.

George is a long-time veteran of the automotive industry and is on his third Chrysler Entervan.With over 36 years of parts management experience between a Ford and Chevrolet dealership, you can't help but believe George when he says, "I know quality workmanship when I see it."

He started his letter with this bit of praise, "Chrysler should be very proud that Braun has converted their product into this van. The workmanship is second to none, and the engineering is excellent."

The Korean War veteran contracted polio while serving in the Navy in 1952. He's 80 years old now, and as he says, "has lived every one of those years." Over time he required the use of a cane and then scooter. Once he moved on to a power chair, he purchased his first Chrysler Entervan and has been hooked ever since.

"The trim completes the lowered-floor design. It's undetectable as to where Chrysler stops and Braun starts," he said.Our attention to detail is just one of the qualities that won George over. Among the others: the convenient locations of the control switches, the interior room, and the flip-down backseats.

Chrysler should be very proud that Braun has converted their product into this van. The workmanship is second to none.

Aside from his satisfaction with the conversion, he was just as pleased with the support from Superior Van and Mobility in Fort Wayne. "The pre-delivery of the van was very well-presented," he said. "I must say the personnel at Superior certainly did their best to make me as knowledgeable as possible."

We're so glad to have him in our corps of loyal customers. He's even passing out Ralph Braun's autobiography, Rise Above, to others who might benefit from it. "Maybe it will inspire someone else out there to get off their butts and live life too!" he said.

We're glad to help George do just that!