National Public Health Week - Why a BraunAbility Vehicle is Good for Your Health

National Public Health Week - Why a BraunAbility Vehicle is Good for Your Health

National Public Health Week - why a BraunAbility Vehicle is Good for Your Health|group picture|transfer pain|beach day|A older man experiences shoulder pain - National Public Health Week

April 2-8 is National Public Health Week. When we think of health, many of us think of eating healthy or getting regular daily exercise. But National Public Health Week looks at more than just diet and exercise: it also includes injury avoidance, preventing disease transmission and advocates for everyone's right to a healthy life. We fully support the ideals of National Public Health Week and wanted to reinforce the message that a BraunAbility vehicle is an investment in your personal health and the health of those around you.

BraunAbility is Good for Your Physical Health

Eliminate Transfer Pain

A geriatric patient experiences transfer pain - National Public Health WeekWith a BraunAbility vehicle, you have the potential to completely eradicate transfer pain by riding or driving directly from your wheelchair. As an independent wheelchair user, you can operate a side-entry BraunAbility vehicle with your key fob to open the door, kneel the van, and deploy the ramp simultaneously. When you enter, you have the option to position your chair in the driver or passenger position and secure your wheelchair using any variety of wheelchair tie-down mechanisms. Not only have you just saved money by not having to visit a therapist for neck, shoulder, arm, or wrist pain, but you've also cleared up that would-be appointment day on your calendar for more important things. (Beach day, anyone?)A family with a wheelchair user enjoys the beach - National Public Health Week

Decrease the Likelihood of Infection

For some people with compromised immune systems, the threat of infection is ever-present. If you could wrap yourself in bubble wrap to protect from disease, you would - but it's really not practical. A BraunAbility vehicle is the next best thing. Public transportation has too many potentially fatal bacteria to be considered safe to use. But owning your own accessible transportation means you control the climate of your own mobility vehicle. Before with transfers, you were always conscious of possible bumps and scrapes on the hard metal frame of the vehicle. Now, you never need to leave the protection of your wheelchair which means more I'll-just-run-to-the-store-real-quick car trips and less its-not-worth-the-risk guilt trips.

BraunAbility is Good for Other's Physical Health

Relief for Caretakers

A older man experiences shoulder pain - National Public Health WeekIt's true that BraunAbility is made specifically for people with disabilities. However, it's also for their friends and families who have become caretakers, chauffeurs, and personal nurses. Being a caregiver can be all-consuming, both physically and mentally. What once was simple in your youth becomes challenging or impossible as you age. Transferring your friend, family member, or client into a vehicle can wreak havoc on your back and shoulders over time and a BraunAbility vehicle is the relief you need. Consider buying one before problems arise or before they get worse -people depend on you to stay "in commission!"

BraunAbility is Good for Your Emotional Health

Stay Connected

The possibilities available to you with a new BraunAbility vehicle are too numerous to list. While the greater population considers basic human needs to include food, water, and shelter, we would argue the need for safe and reliable transportation closely follows. With your own BraunAbility vehicle, you can go to your son's recitals, your daughter's games, your friend's wedding, or your own morning gym workout. Nothing is off limits to you.

Check out National Public Health Week online to learn more about their movement to create the healthiest nation and their goals to achieve it. Download a toolkit filled with steps you can take to lead a healthy lifestyle. And when you are done there, check out BraunAbility and see how a BraunAbility product can help you lead a full and healthy life.