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Do You Need a Wheelchair Prescription?

If you or someone you love is having problems getting around on their own, it may be time to consider a wheelchair. Sometimes, help is needed on a temporary basis, such as recovering from an accident or injury. Other times, a person may need a wheelchair to aid in their overall mobility for the long term.

Either way, you may not have to cover the cost of a wheelchair all on your own. While it is certainly possible to buy one outright, if your doctor writes a wheelchair prescription, your medical insurance provider will help cover some, or all, of the costs

How to Get a Wheelchair Prescription

If you have a legitimate need for a wheelchair, it should not be difficult to get your doctor to write a prescription. If you have been hurt and your injuries are apparent, then you can talk to your doctor about needing some help getting around until you are healed.

Mobility issues caused by age or illness may need a little more documentation, especially if you switch doctors. However, once your medical records are reviewed, there should be no issue in getting the assistance you need to continue to live a productive life.

Some people feel awkward when first discussing a mobility or disability issue. Here are some helpful tips to make you more comfortable.

What Are the Types of Wheelchairs?

There are a wide variety of wheelchairs. The most popular are listed here, but there are also models available for the sports enthusiast, the outdoorsy type (if you enjoy camping here are the top wheelchair accessible campgrounds), and even new technology that allows the person to stand up.

Manual Wheelchairs

The most basic type of wheelchair is the manual one. This is the chair that has handles on the back and is propelled by the person sitting in the chair or someone standing behind it.

These chairs are fine for individuals who are strong enough to operate them, otherwise there best suited for those who always have someone available to help. An upside to a manual is that many can be easily folded and put away or can travel easily. You can even fly with a wheelchair!

Electronic Wheelchairs

Having a motorized wheelchair opens up more possibilities. These battery-powered chairs provide greater independence by using hand controls to operate steering and speed.

Electric wheelchairs are bulkier and, of course, heavier. There is more involved when traveling, but the freedom offered makes them a great choice for someone looking to spend large amounts of time in one.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

There is not a one-size-fits-all wheelchair. For the special needs of children, there are pediatric wheelchairs available.

Not only are these chairs high functioning, but they are also designed to appeal to a child's fun nature while making them feel comfortable adjusting to the chair.

The Right Choice

Finding yourself in need of a medical wheelchair can cause confusion about what steps to take. Fortunately, with the help of your doctor and a trusted provider, you can get moving again quickly.

A wheelchair prescription is the place to start. You can then move on to the wheelchair cost and specific type to meet your needs and lifestyle.

For more information on the right choices for your situation, reach out to your local BraunAbility Dealer.

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