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Essential Handicap Accessories: A Guide to Disability Driving Aids

Going on road trips or even taking part in daily activities can be fun because it gets you out of the house and into some fresh air. Having driving aids and handicap accessories in your car makes the ride smoother and easier. 

Here are some handicap accessories and disability driving aids to help you drive your car. 

Handicap Accessories  

There are a handful of handicapped accessories to assist those with disabilities or those you may know who have a disability. Choosing the right accessories and driving aids depends on your disability. 

Assist Bar

Assist bars can help individuals with disabilities get out of the car. The assist bar is about two pounds and the smaller part goes into the door jam and the padded part is to grab onto. The assist bar is portable and can be used for nearly all types of vehicles. Sometimes assist bars come with seat belt cutters and glass breakers in case of emergencies. 

Swivel Cushion

A swivel cushion can be placed on the car seat and spins so you can get your feet in and out of the vehicle. They are easy to install and are moderately priced.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are easily recognizable additions to accessible vans,and they are available to assist those in wheelchairs to get in and out of the vehicle. They must be low to the ground and on an angle so the wheelchair can get in efficiently and safely. Some wheelchair ramps fold up and are stored away while others are built into the vehicle. 

Driving Aids 

Installing driving aids depends on your disability, your range of motion, how strong your grip is and other factors along those lines. Here are some driving aids for disabled drivers.

Push/Pull Hand Controls

Push/pull hand controls come with a metal lever that acts as the accelerator and the brake. You pull the rod to activate the brakes, and you push it away from you to use the accelerator. 

Hand Controls

Hand controls are best for those who do not have a lot of strength because they operate with two levers: one for braking and one for acceleration. The system is installed right under your steering wheel and only needs light pressure to be activated.

Electric Brake and Accelerator

An electric brake and accelerator also work well for those with limited range of movement. This driving aid is customizable to your strength and range of motion, so it comes in different types of installation.  

Enjoy the Ride with Handicap Accessories and Driving Aids

Now that you know about these handicap accessories and driving aids, finding one that best fits your need is the next step. 

Check out our page to find your local BraunAbility dealer to learn more about handicap car accessories and disability driving aids.

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