Hot Wheelz: Dancing the Night Away

Jeremy Watts in his power chair

We've all been there: everyone is dressed up and the music begins to crescendo, the lights dim, and we know: it's time to boogie. Dancing is a most human form of expression that hasn't changed much over the millenia, until now. Down in Louisville, there is a different shining jewel of the dance floor, and he comes with wheels.

Jeremy Watts is the man lighting up the dance floor every Saturday, and by lighting up, we mean that literally. Jeremy uses a power chair that he and his brother have decked out in a custom light set with parts imported from the UK. The set includes strobe lights, lights that brighten with the beat of the music, and even police lights. But the lights just accent the man, a man who lives a life as vibrant as those lights.

"Dancing is my release," said Jeremy. "If I miss a Saturday night, the weeks just start to blend together. I need that release in my life."

The 35 year old goes to dance at his home away from home, Joe's Older Than Dirt, a bar owned by a personal friend. There he is known as "Hot Wheelz", a nickname that has followed Jeremy through his life.

"I hated it when people called me 'Hot Wheelz' when I was a kid because it felt demeaning. But in college, an older frat brother gave me that title out of respect. I use a 'z' at the end because an 's' just doesn't fit me."

Jeremy is an extrovert with a strong sense of self, he is who he is and he won't shy away from any questions. He works in graphic design and loves the world of graphics as a whole. He is a big fan of the music artist Pink, for her aggressive sound and spirit of independence. He once went to a concert of hers with pink and white lights adorning his wheelchair.

Jeremy's life is ultimately one filled with a love not only for dance, but for his home at the bar. During a flash flood a few years back, his BraunAbility van was up to the ramp with rain water, and the ramp went down an incline. Jeremy was trapped with no possible way to access his vehicle. This was when the bouncers of the bar teamed up to carry him and his chair through the flood waters and placed him in the van without his chair once making contact with the waters. He has known that this is his place ever since, and has gone on to give back as much as he can for the love he has been shown.

So every Saturday night, you know where you can find him. He'll be at his home, illuminating the entire town in a way that only he can, not only on the dance floor, but by talking and sharing his experiences with everyone he meets.


Micah Christensen is a freelance writer for BraunAbility and loves to share the stories of our customers and dealers. Follow BraunAbility on Twitter! @BraunAbility