BraunAbility Wheelchair Lift Parts


Finding and Buying Replacement Parts for a Wheelchair Van and Wheelchair Lift

The older they get, the more likely it is to need service or replacement parts for a wheelchair van. Many customers turn to the source for these parts and come up disappointed. Why can't they search for parts on the BraunAbility site?

The easy answer is that no manufacturing company offers a searchable parts inventory. However, the real reason parts can't be directly ordered from BraunAbility lies in our dedication to superior service.

"When you order a product online, say from Amazon, and it arrives at your home, it is then up to you to put that product together properly and safely," explained Customer Care and Aftersales Director Rick Nelson. "When it comes to a blender, you are probably okay. But when it comes to your BraunAbility wheelchair vehicle, our customer safety should not rest on a customer's or untrained mechanic's shoulders."

replacement parts for a wheelchair van


Additionally, many local mechanics are not familiar with mobility vehicles or how they operate. Entrusting maintenance and repair to certified BraunAbility technicians who have been trained in operation and repair of accessible vehicles is extremely important to guarantee proper maintenance and service.

It is not uncommon for our parts department to get calls about vehicles that are 15 or 20 years old. Not only do we often have those parts still available for order, but many times they are ready for immediate shipping. Thanks to BraunWest, our location in Arizona, we serve dealers in all 50 states and every Canadian territory in industry-best time.


So how do you get replacement parts for a wheelchair van?

  1. Call your local dealer, and set up an appointment to diagnose your vehicle. (You can search for your nearest dealer here.)
  2. Don't know your local dealer or need to find a certified BraunAbility technician? Call our Customer Experience Group for help. We'll find your closest location and help you get the service you need.
  3. Your technician will diagnose your vehicle, call our parts department, get a quote for the part, consult with you, and order with your approval.

It's as simple as that.

To get started, give us a call at 800-488-0359.