Enter the 3rd Annual Local Heroes Contest

Abigail receives her key from Local Heroes contest

Our good friends at the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), a partner of BraunAbility, are hosting another spectacular event. May is National Mobility Awareness month, and nobody celebrates it like NMEDA does with their Local Heroes contest. The Local Heroes contest seeks to recognize people who make a difference in their community, even if they happen to be in a wheelchair. The winners of the contest receives a mobility vehicle to help them reach out and build the communities that they serve!

NMEDA defines local heroes as individuals who volunteer, educate, advocate, achieve and persevere. They also share the following statistic: "Over 18 million people in North America are living with restrictive mobility issues. This is your chance to change the lives of just a few of those triumphing in the face of adversity."

Stories are submitted to the contest and people from across the United States and Canada review and vote for who they think is a true local hero. BraunAbility donated two vehicles to last year's contest, and featured the stories of the local heroes who now drive them.

The three 2013 winners

Jeff Scott's story

Abigail Carter's story

These are the stories of the winners of the 2013 contest. Does this sounds like you our anyone you know? NMEDA is accepting contest submissions now at the National Mobility Awareness Month website here. Submissions and voting for the contest are open now until May 9.

Go and vote, submit a story, and spread the word! Mobility awareness is a year-long activity that begins with you.