Dance overcomes Disability

Wheelchair dancing, photo courtesy of AbilitiesExpo

In December, we featured a young man by the man of Jeremy Watts. He is known in the Louisville, KY, area for his awesome dance moves and his custom power chair. However, he is not the only one dancing on wheels, and the world of dancing from a wheelchair is bigger than you might think.

Wheelchair dancing, offered by hundreds of wheelchair sports organizations, many special schools, dancing clubs and associations across the world. These locations offer experiences ranging from lessons in dance, with both other wheelchairs and with a wheelchair and someone on foot, to free dancing and even dance teams and competitions.

DanceAbility International is an organization devoted to getting wheels moving. Based out of Eugene, Oregon, the DanceAbility team has dance efforts in place not only in the United States, but Mongolia, Indonesia, Austria, and more. Their website has a listing of all of their locations and current programs. To find a site near you, check out their website here. The Site is also home to some great information on getting started.

Interested in seeing a dance team in action? AXIS Dance Company a world acclaimed group of performers with awards like One of five named 'Best Dance Companies in San Francisco Bay Area' by CBS San Francisco. AXIS is not only about performance, but also about getting you moving. AXIS has classes specifically for adults and classes for kids as well. To see AXIS doing their stuff, check out this clip of them performing on 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

So what are you waiting for? These are only a few examples of the many different options and outlets out there. The only true limit is your creativity.