The Customer Satisfaction Survey - Why It's Important

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Importance and Process

A Customer satisfaction survey allows us to really find out what our customers think of our products. And since BraunAbility wheelchair vans and wheelchair lifts are so important to our customers' lives, we do everything we can to ensure we are meeting their needs. I was given the chance a little over a year ago to take on a new project digging into these surveys. Before this position was created, we contracted with an outside company to handle them. Now the program is in-house it has become more personal to us, allowing us to really keep in touch with our users. Customer Satisfaction SurveyThe new program started with the creation of a new customer satisfaction survey customized for our products and services. Once this survey was complete and sent out, the feedback came trickling back in.

I have seen it all through this survey and have learned much more about our products and customers than I ever imagined. Yes, there are things that need to be improved, but overall I'm happy to say our customers tend to be very satisfied. This information has contributed to a gained interest in our corporation and we will begin capturing feedback through different opportunities. The information is used to communicate with our dealers and is helping us improve the communication gap between the end user, their dealer, and BraunAbility. We're able to identify product trends, desires, and are aware of your concerns when using your handicap van or wheelchair lift van. The information that every customer shares with us is so valuable!

Our hope is that this also reaffirms the belief that your opinion counts. I read through each and every delivery survey, so your information is seen and heard. If it requires more attention, the survey is directly sent to the appropriate people inEngineering, Sales and/or Product Support. I've heard it all from our customers, the wonderful, the not-so-wonderful, and stories that are somewhere in between. Many times we receive messages saying, "I wish I would have purchased one long before now!" Each one of these encounters has helped me improve my methods of sharing your information. And it allows each end user the chance to tell us how they feel. This information has helped me develop other aspects of my role at BraunAbility. There are things I'd never considered until I was directly linked to the feedback.

Customer feedback is invaluable because it allows us the opportunity to continue serving you to the best of our BraunAbility! So, please feel free to share your thoughts with me at, as I am eager to help you any way I can!