BraunAbility Dealer Saves Valentine's Day

United Access, Saves Valentine's Day

As any guy would agree, the only thing worse than forgetting about Valentine's Day would be having a romantic date planned and not being able to get out of the driveway. That's what happened when Karen Squire headed out for wine tasting, eagle watching, and dinner last Friday with David, her partner of seven years. Karen rolled onto her Vangater lift and pushed the control to raise the lift, but nothing happened.

After some repair attempts by David, she convinced him to call their local dealership, United Access in St. Louis, to ask for help (a feat not easily accomplished). "I told him that they've got years of experience, and there's probably a simple fix they could walk us through," recalled Karen. She was right. After a quick diagnosis, Matt Kramer, Production Manager and a seven-year veteran at United Access, gave him instructions over the phone, and within a few minutes, they were on their romantic way. Karen sent a complimentary note to the dealership praising the quick service, but Matt was quick to share credit. "That's just what we do here. A customer calls, and we drop what we are doing and help them however we can," said Matt. "You never know if they are in an emergency situation, so every service call is important."


"Thank you for offering us assistance over the phone, which saved our day. We were an hour late for our Valentine date but the day turned out great, thanks to your company!" - Karen


Karen estimates her BraunAbility lift is over 10 years old, and in that time they've had few problems. When a problem has come up though, United Access has replied immediately to their situation. "It's rewarding to know that what you do on a daily basis can potentially be life-changing for the customer," said Matt. "Sometimes that fact can be lost in the day-to-day grind of running a busy shop like we have here at United Access, but a note of appreciation like this brings things back to proper perspective." What sets BraunAbility apart from other mobility providers is that commitment to customer service , even on - no, especially on - days like Valentine's Day. "We aren't just selling vans, we are providing a service that brings a higher quality of life to many people," said Matt.

Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to pass along the praise and reminding us what we come to work for every day! If you've got a great customer service story to share from your dealer, please pass it along!