BraunAbility® Announces Partnership With Chive Charities

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Chive Charities may be focused on "Making the World 10% Happier," but for recipients of the Charity's awesome flash-funding donations, it makes a 100% difference.

The charity is a sub-set of theCHIVE, an immensely popular site with millions of visitors every day. This community, called Chive Nation, comes from all over the world and walks of life, but they come together for one very important purpose: to help those in need.

BraunAbility partnership with Chive Charities, a disability nonprofitChampioning the underdog is their specialty, and they have perfected their approach. Since its inception, Chive Charities has given over $6 million in aid toward renovations, reconstructions, accessible vehicle purchases, medical and therapy equipment, and impactful experiences.

The people they have helped include the likes of Justin and Troy, who asked for $25,000 to build a retreat for military veterans suffering from PTSD and their families. Chive Nation raised $290,000.

Audrina needed money for an accessible van and renovations to her home to make it easier to use her wheelchair. Chive Nation raised $255,000.

Melissa needed money to cover expenses of hand controls for her car, renovations to her home and therapy. Chive Nation raised $450,000.

Because of their amazing efforts and the passion that drives the community's generous giving, BraunAbility has announced a partnership with Chive Charities in 2016 as the organization's preferred mobility partner, helping these crusaders rescue more individuals and families in need of accessible wheels.

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