Financing Your Wheelchair Van in a Tough Economy

Lately, we have been inundated with bad news from the banking industry. Banks closing, bailouts, tight credit, and companies in trouble seem to be a daily occurrence in this difficult economy.

This is particularly bad for the automobile business because sales on credit and time payment plans have been a staple of the industry since the days of Henry Ford. That's true even in the modified van business and for our dealers who sell our Entervan and Rampvan wheelchair vans.

However, at BraunAbility we have some good news. Our Braun Credit division is in sound financial condition and ready to lend to qualified borrowers. The banks we have partnered with for this program were not heavily involved with home mortgages, where many of the losses occurred, so they still have money to lend. Their rates are very competitive with those of other financial institutions.

Braun Credit is one of several options available from your local BraunAbility dealer. They can also help you arrange financing through Chrysler Financial or GMAC programs offering special rates for purchasers of new handicap vans. BraunAbility dealers are also familiar with the manufacturer's mobility programs, and government and local programs that help purchase vehicle conversions.

Braun Credit will also loan money for the purchase of pre-owned Entervan and Rampvan mobility vans. We have offered nice, clean, pre-owned Dodge Caravans - called "program vehicles" in the car business - with new Entervan conversions, for many years. They are great basic transportation and a great value, especially if a third party is paying for the conversion. These pre-owned wheelchair vehicles are so popular we've actually had times when we could not get enough to meet the demand.

Recently, we added pre-owned Toyota Rampvans to this program. Pre-owned Toyota Sienna ramp vans are a little tough to find sometimes, and cost a little more, but as a Rampvan they maintain their value and are reliable transportation.

Braun Credit offers multi-year financing packages for used vehicles. Interest rates are based on a combination of credit scores and the length of the loan. Details are available at your local BraunAbility dealer.

In this tough economy, banks and other financial institutions are in a constant state of change and we will keep you informed of any changes impacting Braun Credit in the future. We will continue to work hard to maintain our solid relationship with our lending partners, so you can still purchase reasonably priced accessible transportation through BraunAbility and your local BraunAbility dealer.