A Winning Season in 2010

Before the holiday vacation, I met with our employees to outline our company's vision and goals for 2010 and beyond. I compared BraunAbility to a successful football team, an appropriate analogy with the NFL playoffs starting this weekend.

The playoff games will bring hundreds of thousands of fans inside a handful of stadiums across the country with millions more watching on television. In order to generate enormous excitement and loyalty, these fans show during the playoffs and throughout the regular season, a team needs more than a great quarterback and a few talented players. Behind each successful team is a staff of coaches, trainers, all the way down to the stadium ushers and hot dog vendors, all with the same goal: to build a better team and a better experience for the team's fans.

As I told our employees, BraunAbility is like a football team. We have a diverse line-up of talented players who are focused on improving our product(s) and 'winning' our customers' loyalty. Our team owner, Ralph Braun, has a staff of coaches in place to manage that team of products. Behind them is a network of marketing, sales, and accounting professionals working alongside our trainers (engineering and product support) to ensure we have the safest, most reliable products, and to make sure everyone knows it. And on the front line are our mobility dealers, working to satisfy and serve our customers every day.

We are focused on building a BraunAbility legacy that will serve our customers and their changing needs far into the future.

From Ralph Braun to the individual on the line who installs the ramp on each Entervan or Rampvan, every member of the team is critical in ensuring we have a successful season with thousands of fans behind us.

Like several football dynasties that have risen over the years, we have a strong team on the field and another working behind the scenes. Unlike those football dynasties--from the Packers of the 1960s, the Steelers of the 1970s, 49ers of the 1980s, the Cowboys of the 1990s to the Patriots of the last decade -- our position at the top will not be short-lived. We are focused on building a BraunAbility legacy that will serve our customers and their changing needs far into the future.

Serving our customers - that's what matters most. The more our team improves, the more the lives of our customers improve. I began my presentation with a reminder of just how our products impact our customers' lives. I shared a portion of a powerful letter we received last year from a father whose family had just purchased a new Entervan:

Within the first five minutes of driving the new van, I noticed my son was a lot more talkative than normal. It was like he was seeing the world for the first time. He kept saying, "Look at that car. Look at that funny sign." It went on for 35 minutes until we reached our destination.

I had to run to the hardware store. My son was so accustomed to not being able to go with me because it was just hard to do using the old van. I jumped out of the van and said, "Come on DJ, you're going with me."

His eyes lit up and he said, "Really?"

I said, "Never again will you have to be left out of anything."

BraunAbility is committed to building a better team and a better experience for all of our customers. We hope you all have a happy and healthy 2010. Click here to read a recent blog about the family above.