Accessibility Services Plaza is a One-Stop-Shop

Accessibility Services Plaza wheelchair van service

Accessibility Services Plaza GeorgiaMore and more businesses are restructuring their services to offer added convenience to customers. These days I could go to one superstore to buy my family's groceries, have my eyes examined and get our van's oil changed, all under the same roof. If a business or service isn't easy to access or takes more time than necessary from my or any other customer's time, it quickly falls behind.

The value placed on convenience was the driving force behind the concept of the Accessibility Services Plaza in Marietta, Georgia. The plaza is basically a one-stop-shop for people with disabilities, and it houses four handicap-related businesses:

  • All-In-One Accessibility - an accessible design consulting firm and general contractor that sells in-home accessibility products (elevators, stair lifts, computer access equipment, etc.)
  • ParaQuad Nursing Services - a care agency specializing in 24/7 RN, PRN and home health care
  • Freedom Mobility - a driver evaluation and training firm that offers low and high-tech van and car evaluations
  • Handicapped Driver Services - a specialized team of adaptive equipment specialists offering all major lines of adaptive equipment and lowered floor mini-vans

According to Michael Dresdner, HDS owner and designer of the Accessibility Services Plaza, the idea for the plaza was born in 1996. "We came up with the concept because we were constantly calling the same people to solve issues," explained Dresdner.

Accessibility Services Plaza wheelchair vanIt took seven years before the idea came to fruition in 2003. Today all four firms share many clients. Oftentimes a consumer will come to HDS to find a wheelchair van or wheelchair lift customized to his or her personal needs. While in the showroom, which is shared by all four businesses, he or she is able to check out other adaptive equipment and services as well. So someone coming in to look at a BraunAbility handicap van may go home with information on a new track lift for his or her bedroom as well.

There is a good deal of interaction especially between HDS and Freedom Mobility, the driver evaluation training firm in the plaza. The firm serves both the disabled community as well as senior citizens who've perhaps had a stroke or suffered an ailment that requires them to be screened to make sure they can drive safely. The business offers training and evaluation for wheelchair and transfer drivers, as well as individuals who can drive from a car.

"We understand that our customers have unique demands placed on their personal schedules that most people don't experience."

As the largest installer of electronic driving equipment in North America, HDS is a logical partner to share customers and retail space with Freedom Mobility. HDS offers three complete welding bays, a paint and body department, eight installation bays and a full-service and repair department, all staffed by factory certified technicians. In addition to selling all major lines of lowered floor minivans, the 30,000-square-foot facility also rents and leases full-sized vans and minivans.

"We understand that our customers have unique demands placed on their personal schedules that most people don't experience," added Dresdner. "Our goal at HDS and within the Accessibility Services Plaza is to provide a range of high-quality services all under one roof."

The concept of a one-stop-accessibility-shop is a great one. At BraunAbility, we strive to provide the same convenience and "accessibility" when it comes to deciding on the right wheelchair vehicle to fit your needs. If you work with a BraunAbility dealer that goes the extra mile to serve its customers, please give them a shout-out and leave a comment below!