2008 Chrysler Wheelchair Van Door Operator

Chrysler Wheelchair Van Entervan BraunAbility

Earlier this year, I created a very detailed video for the 2008 Chrysler Entervan. The purpose of this was to introduce the new Chrysler wheelchair van conversion to our dealer network and bring them up to speed on the features. While a lot of the information is VERY detailed and intended only for service technicians, I thought our customers could benefit from seeing some of this material. I hope these segments give you some insight into the amount of effort that went into creating this conversion. And though we refer to it as the "2008 Conversion," please note that this information applies to the 2009 model year as well.

This segment focuses on the door operator of the wheelchair van, and the lengths our engineering department went to maintain OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer-in this case Chrysler) reliability. Basically, we needed the door to open another 3 1/2" to accommodate the width of the ramp, but we wanted the door to behave exactly as it would on an unconverted minivan. It sounds like a simple task, but the video will give you some idea of what went into making this happen. The most significant step was to team up with Delphi, the company who designed the original door operator for Chrysler. They were able re-tool their original design to accept the additional length of cable needed, and we then extended the door track during the conversion process. The result of all this work? A door operator that you don't have to worry or even think about-just press the button and it works!

The door operator on the Chrysler Entervan is just one of the many systems that make this vehicle one of the most reliable wheelchair vans we've ever offered. Look for more videos focusing on other components in the future. If you currently own a 2008 or newer Chrysler wheelchair van, we'd love to hear about your experience with your van-please leave a comment below!