2008 Chrysler Entervan: Service-Friendly

Chrysler wheelchair van

As many of you have seen, the 2008 Chrysler Entervan conversion hit the market about six months ago. Usually with any product's first year, there is an above-average number of issues that pop up after the vehicle is sold. This is common in the mobility industry, and the automotive industry as a whole.

BraunAbility has found the exception to this rule in the 2008 Chrysler Entervan. Working with Chrysler's engineering department, we were able to get our hands on the vehicle well before it was released to the public, and began designing the electronics that get this conversion working. With a new dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we spent an extreme amount of time testing and retesting this product before we decided to release it for use.

Working with Chrysler allowed us to develop a Gateway module. The Gateway module allows us to see the Chrysler signals and operate our conversion without cutting and splicing into the Chrysler wiring. The big advantage this gives us is that it separates our conversion from the Chrysler vehicle, which will allow us to more easily diagnose any problems that may arise. By disconnecting the Gateway module, the van and wiring can be diagnosed by a Chrysler dealer knowing that all the wiring is the same as any other vehicle that shows up for service.

2008 BraunAbility Chrysler Entervan technology components

2008 BraunAbility Chrysler Entervan ramp detail

Along with the Gateway module, we have also sourced the door operator from the same company that builds them for Chrysler (left). We've also added LED troubleshooting lights to the conversion controller (right). The LED lights will allow a mobility technician to quickly verify all the switches and wiring in the van are working and connected properly.

What's the result of all this new technology? I'm happy to say our warranty claims have been lower than even the most optimistic BraunAbility employees could have imagined! With all the additions and improvements made to the conversion, our customers are finding that downtime has been greatly reduced, both through better design and better tools to quickly diagnose any problems that may happen.

If you currently own a 2008 Dodge or Chrysler Entervan, or are just starting to research your purchase, we'd love to hear from you!