Wheelchair Vehicle & Mobility Equipment Service and Maintenance

We understand the critical role your wheelchair accessible vehicle and mobility solutions play in your everyday life. To ensure you can stay on the road, regular wheelchair van maintenance is highly recommended, not only because it extends your vehicle's lifespan and enhances performance but also because it ensures safety and dependability.

Learn more about the ins and outs of mobility solution maintenance and service, including:

  • Seasonal maintenance and service tips
  • Preventative maintenance recommendations
  • At-home maintenance and service checklists
  • How to find a service provider near you
Shopping for an Accessible Van? We Provide the Best Wheelchair Van Service.

Wheelchair van service is vital to guarantee that individuals who use wheelchairs for transportation can move about securely and with ease.

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What to Expect During a Preventative Maintenance Appointment

Learn how preventative maintenance appointments can extend the life of your mobility equipment and help you save money.

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Tips for Keeping Your Wheelchair Van Dependable While Keeping Yourself Safe When Social Distancing

If you’re trying to stay safe and healthy by limiting social interaction, there are many wheelchair van maintenance tasks that can be performed in your home driveway. Follow these simple steps to stay safe.

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