Why Buy from a NMEDA QAP Dealer?

When searching for a wheelchair accessible van to give you back your mobility and enhance your life, it’s normal to encounter a few obstacles. However, if you do not purchase from the right source, then you can run into far more than just a few problems. In order to ensure that you are able to find the perfect van, outfitted with the right equipment, then you should purchase from an NMEDA QAP dealer. Why is this? Here, you’ll learn more about these dealers. 

First, in order for a dealer to participate in the NMEDA QAP, they must be of very high quality and consistently maintain rigorous standards. Here are a few of the key points to consider. 

In order for a dealer to be part of the QAP, they must adhere to the following:

Welding – Wheelchair-accessible vans are often heavily modified. The floor must be dropped and the ceiling must be raised in some cases. However, NMEDA QAP dealers are required to maintain certified welders for these modifications, in order to ensure the highest quality work. 

Knowledge – In addition to certified welders, all NMEDA QAP dealers are required to have certified technicians on staff. This ensures that the technicians are fully trained on how to install adaptive equipment, as well as on how all the adaptive equipment the dealership installs works, and how to service it throughout the life of the vehicle. 

Service – Another interesting point is all NMEDA QAP dealers are required to provide 24-hour service to their customers. This ensures that your problem can be dealt with no matter when it occurs and help keep you comfortable, safe and on the road when you need to be. 

Third-Party Inspection – All of these requirements are excellent things, but without some sort of verification, they don’t hold much weight. However, all NMEDA QAP dealers are required to be inspected and certified by a third-party firm, to ensure that they remain in compliance with these strict guidelines. In addition, the inspection ensures that the company remains within the standards of the ADA, NHTSA, FMVSS, and other agencies. 

As you can see, earning the QAP distinction is a lengthy, intensive process. Any dealership within this program can provide you with enormous assistance, as well as with the peace of mind you need. Doing otherwise can lead to considerable concern with your vehicle. 

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