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Wheelchair Vans – Helping to Make You More Independent

These days, traveling by car is often necessary. For those living with disabilities, accessibility can be a challenge. Fortunately, through contemporary technology and handicap accessibility laws, mobility is easier than ever. The ability to convert an ordinary van into an accessible wheelchair van has made daily living much simpler for many disabled individuals. There are companies, such as United Access, that offer both new and used wheelchair accessible vans. If you are considering buying a mobility van, and live in California, Arizona and/or Nevada, there are a few factors to keep in mind before making a purchase. 

The first thing most people consider when purchasing a wheelchair van is the type of scooter lift or wheelchair ramp that best suits you. A scooter lift is often attached to the hitch of a larger vehicle. In this case, the wheelchair or scooter itself is hoisted up and secured to the back of the vehicle. While this allows for greater room within the vehicle, it also means that your wheelchair or scooter will be exposed to the elements. Inside lift models can either lift a wheelchair or scooter into the vehicle or both wheelchair/scooter and occupant into the vehicle. While these are more costly, your wheelchair/scooter will be safer. There are a wide variety of scooter lifts and wheelchair ramps to choose from depending on your individual needs. 

Mobility vehicles can be bought new or used. A used wheelchair van offers a fantastic solution for those on a budget. If you would like to highly personalize your vehicle, a new van might prove to be the better option. 

If you are a disabled individual who will be using the van independent of outside help, consider the handling features of the wheelchair van in question. Make sure that you are able to comfortably handle the lift on your own and that the van includes features that will allow you to travel safely. Otherwise stop into one of our stores in California, Arizona and Nevada or visit Ability Center’s website for any questions or concerns you might have.

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