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What To Expect When Test Driving a Wheelchair Van

When purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, there are many things to consider. From vehicle size and type, to side or rear entry and conversion options, finding the right vehicle takes time, research, and ideally the opportunity to test drive a handicap van or two. While your accessible vehicle search likely starts online, the best way to ensure you find the right vehicle is to see it and test it. 

Working with a local dealership that specializes in accessible vehicles will give you access to mobility specialists and the opportunity to test the vehicle in person. At United Access, our Mobility Specialists are trained to pair you with a vehicle that accommodates your needs and comfort level. After learning a little about you, it’s time to schedule a test drive

Scheduling a Wheelchair Accessible Van Test Drive

The two main ways to test drive a handicap van are onsite or at your home. Each of our 50 locations typically has a variety of vehicles onsite, and all vehicles are available for a free in-home demonstration. Start by searching our online inventory of new and pre-owned accessible vehicles to get an idea of the vans we have available. Our Mobility Specialists can help you determine the best vehicles to test drive based on your needs and vehicle preferences. 

Next, we will determine if an onsite or at-home test drive is the best fit. If you are located near a United Access location, we may recommend that you schedule a visit so that you can explore several makes and models in person. 

If visiting a United Access location in person is not an option, we will come to you. Our Mobility Specialists will recommend the perfect vehicle for you and bring it to your home. If the vehicle you are interested in is not at a location near you, contact us to determine availability. 

What To Expect During Your Test Drive

A Mobility Specialist will deliver the wheelchair accessible van to your home on the day of your test drive, or you will meet at your local United Access dealership. We will walk you through every feature of your potential new wheelchair van, answer any questions you have, and discuss your option for ramps, lifts, hand controls, and other driving aids

Next, we will go for a test drive. We want you to experience first-hand how the vehicle handles. This is the only way to ensure your potential new wheelchair van meets your needs. Test driving with your Specialist gives you the opportunity for first-hand demonstrations of all vehicle features. If something does not feel right, your Specialist will be able to provide insight into adjustments and modifications that could be made to the vehicle. Together, you and your Specialist will decide if it meets your physical needs. 

Assisting With Funding for Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Once you test drive a handicap van and find the perfect fit, the next step is discussing funding. Purchasing a wheelchair van is a significant investment, and our Mobility Specialists are here to help you find a financing solution that fits your budget. From the Disabled Veterans Program to Vocational Rehabilitation, our team is knowledgeable about the organizations that offer funding and resources that can be used for your accessible vehicle. Additionally, we can even sit down with you and go over the rebate and incentive programs to help get you into your desired vehicle. 

If you already own a wheelchair van but are looking for your next vehicle, we’re happy to give you a free appraisal, which you can use for trade-in to get the best price for your new van. After an in-person inspection and test drive, you’ll receive an appraisal that is typically valid for 30 days. This will give you ample time to find the wheelchair van you’ve always dreamed of. 

Not sure if you’re ready to purchase? United Access offers a Try Before You Buy Program that allows you to rent an accessible van. If you decide to purchase the vehicle, we will reimburse you the rental fees, up to $500.

If you are ready to test drive a handicap van, reach out to your local United Access dealer. Our team of Mobility Specialists are available at all 50 locations across the country and ready to help you find your perfect vehicle. 

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