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Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van: An Ultimate Guide

Are you or a loved one looking to travel soon? Do you have plans to rent a wheelchair van? If so, you will find this guide on renting a wheelchair accessible van to be incredibly helpful. Here, we will cover exactly what it takes to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle, whether it is for leisure travel, independent travel, a family outing, wanting to try an accessible vehicle before purchase, or to a medical appointment. As you will see, United Access delivers an ideal mobility solution with its wheelchair van rentals. We provide options for your travels with convenient dealer locations across the nation. Through this guide, we will discuss all of the necessary information for our rental process as well as the specific steps to take in order to travel independently and safely. Continue to learn more about how a wheelchair accessible vehicle rental can help you get to your next destination. 

What Do I Need to Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Van?

To rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle at United Access, it requires just 4 steps. First, the driver must be 21 years of age or older and must present a valid U.S. driver's license. Second, all minors must be accompanied by a legal and licensed driver. Third, all drivers must carry the required minimum levels of collision and comprehensive auto insurance. This is in place for the purpose of security and protection of the customer. Many companies also offer supplemental insurance coverage for added protection. Finally, a valid credit card or debit card must be used to secure the reservation. At United Access, customers will find that the rental process is quite simple. Assistance from a dedicated mobility specialist is available and the process of finding the perfect vehicle can be completed quickly and easily. Whether the need is for a small daytrip or a long-term trip, our team at United Access is prepared to help make the process of securing transportation easier. 

What Wheelchair Accessible Vans are Available for Rent? 

It is essential for you to assess your needs and find a wheelchair accessible vehicle that is appropriate for your needs. To start, inquire about the details of the vehicle, such as its measurements and features, to determine if it will be suitable for you and your wheelchair. Ensure that the height of the entrance door is compatible with the size of your wheelchair. Additionally, make sure to consider how many people will be in the van when you are traveling to your destination. Will you be the only passenger? Or will there be additional people accompanying you? United Access offers a variety of accessible wheelchair van rentals to help accommodate the number of passengers. All of these questions must be taken into account before selecting a wheelchair van. With United Access locations across the nation, we can help you find an accessible vehicle to help transport you to your destination.

Wheelchair Van Rental Options

Most commonly, United Access offers the BraunAbility Toyota Sienna and BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse as rental options.

The BraunAbility Toyota Sienna wheelchair van is equipped with front-wheel drive and has several power foldout and power infloor ramp configurations for different seating needs. When it comes to safety, quality is not something that is overlooked, as this wheelchair van is built on a cutting-edge assembly line which ensures that it meets the highest quality standards consistently. The BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse is the most spacious accessible vehicle on the market. With a power foldout ramp, this vehicle also can seat up to 7 passengers to meet your traveling needs. 

How to Inquire About a Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental?

If you're looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, then our locations throughout the United States have you covered. Our rental prices are extraordinarily affordable, and our vans feature fully powered side entry conversions that are operated - conveniently - with a key fob button. Not to mention the tie-down straps, seat belts, and configurable design that easily and safely transports 1 or 2 wheelchairs or scooters. On rental day, a rental specialist will also provide you with detailed van operation instructions as well as a demonstration. Our wheelchair accessible van rentals are available for daily, weekly or monthly use. Contact a mobility specialist to learn more about how you can reserve a wheelchair accessible vehicle rental.

If you're in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, United Access is a great option. With rentals available for daily, weekly or monthly use at affordable prices, you'll be able to travel independently and safely. Contact a mobility specialist today to learn more and reserve your wheelchair accessible van rental

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