Why choose a manual wheelchair?

Why Choose a Manual Wheelchair?

Manual Wheelchairs

If you are looking for a wheelchair that is both easy to operate and suited for a variety of different occasions, looking into manual wheelchairs is a must. Manual wheelchairs are some of the most convenient and easy to operate, which makes them perfect for everyone from growing children to athletes. United Access offers a large selection of manual wheelchairs, as well as the support and knowledge to make finding your ideal wheelchair simple! 

Manual wheelchairs come with benefits that simply cannot be found in electronic wheelchairs. Thanks to a foldable design, manual wheelchairs are quick and easy to compact.  Their compactable frame does not mean they come with sacrificed durability, however. Manual wheelchairs have ridged frame performance, which creates stability and better handling. 

Manual wheelchairs are good options for children who are still growing. Instead of purchasing a wheelchair that will later be outgrown, it is cost-effective to purchase a Growth Kit, which provides a new wheelchair frame including upholstery and a footrest. Many insurance companies are willing to pay for this wheelchair growth kit. 

Athletes and those who enjoy recreational activity also favor manual wheelchairs. There is a wheelchair for almost any sport you can think of. These wheelchairs come with superior balance and response, which makes it easy to participate in your favorite sport, whether it be cycling, basketball, downhill biking, tennis, or anything else you enjoy. 

For more information on manual wheelchairs, contact United Access today. Let one of United Access’ Mobility Consultants assist you in finding the right wheelchair for you.

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