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Choosing Accessories for Wheelchair Vans

Choosing Accessories for Wheelchair Vans

The most important part of wheelchair vans are the mobility accessories that make them easy to use and customized for the driver, so choosing equipment and accessories is a vital part of the shopping process. When you choose the correct equipment for your handicap van, you will not only significantly add to your independence, but you will be able to get around easier and faster. If you want a chance to do more things on your own, including drive and transport yourself, start searching for the options you can use to customize your wheelchair van. 

Wheelchair vans are all different, and there is no typical size or type. You don’t have to limit yourself to a full size conversion van – instead you can choose from minivans, pickup trucks, and SUVs. You may even be able to get your current vehicle converted into a wheelchair vehicle. You will need to plan your budget carefully and do research into the type of accessories that you need to best function in your new vehicle. To better get in and out of the vehicle, for example, you will probably want to have the door converted. You may even want to add a motorized transfer seat to make getting in and out easier. 

Hand Controls for Wheelchair Vans

Another good option for making wheelchair vans easier to drive is by adding hand controls. This will leave your legs free and give you better access to the accelerator and the brakes. Hand controls come in a wide range of price, so you don’t have to sacrifice ease and convenience for price. Your wheelchair or scooter will need to be restrained if you choose to carry it with you in your vehicle, and that means you will need to choose accessories to keep it locked in place while you drive. Restraint systems also come in a wide range of prices. 

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