Why choose a manual wheelchair?

How To Choose Between The Handicap Vans That Are Available Today

Handicap vans are becoming more and more popular as individuals who are wheelchair-bound look for ways in which they can get from place to place without relying on someone else. With the right van, you could be well on your way to complete and total independence! 

Not all handicap vans, however, are created equally! There are two main types of vans on the market. First, there’s the minivan. Minivans are made to be much smaller than full-size conversion vans. They are a lot easier to drive, easier to park, and better on gas. However, they don’t offer nearly the same amount of space as larger vans. 

Full-size conversion vans are meant for comfort. They are large, spacious, and feature plenty of room for cargo and for passengers. With a larger van, you can install a larger lift, raise the roof, and make so many modifications. They are going to be a little difficult to maneuver, especially if you have never driven something so large. It is very easy to learn how to operate a conversion van, though. 

There are dealers all over the country, and there may be one in your hometown that specializes in making sure that you get the best van available. United Access ensures that you can find yourself in a top-notch mobility van

If there isn’t a place in your area that offers handicap vans, contact United Access. They offer all types of vans, and at great prices! You will find quality service and salesmanship when you visit United Access. With the help of a Certified Mobility Specialist, you will be offered expert advice about the van that you should be purchasing. 

If you need to get the van serviced, they can also take care of that!

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