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Are There Used Wheelchair Vans Under $5,000?

Are you looking for a wheelchair accessible van in your budget? Maybe you are looking for a used wheelchair van under $5,000. While wheelchair vehicles normally range from $16,000 and up, there are a variety of other mobility solutions available to help you stay within your budget. From affordable driving aids to transfer boards, there are many adaptive equipment options to fit every budget. With exclusive financing from BraunAbility Financing, along with local community and state level funding and grant options, there is a mobility solution to fit your needs and budget. 

Affordable Hand Controls for Vehicles

If you are looking for a mobility solution other than a wheelchair accessible van to fit your budget, the installation of hand controls can be an option for you. Hand controls can be installed in your vehicle to accelerate and brake with your hands instead of your feet. Hand controls can be installed in cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans for versatile use without needing to purchase an accessible vehicle. Trusted manufacturers, such as Sure Grip and Creative Controls Inc., can offer reliable driving aids to help fit your budget. 

Accessible Vehicle Transfer Seating Solutions

Are you in the market for used wheelchair vans under $5k? While wheelchair accessible vehicles commonly run $16k and up, adaptive equipment can be installed to be an alternative mobility solution or addition while you are continuing to look for an accessible vehicle in your price range. A solution to help with this is the addition of a transfer board. Transfer boards help support getting in and out of vehicles and bridge the gap between the vehicle’s exterior and the driver’s or passenger’s seat. This is the most economical product type to help fit your budget while adding a mobility solution to your vehicle. Transfer boards are easy to remove when not in use and they fold up and out of the way for convenience while driving. This solution will help you stay in your budget while adding a mobility solution to your vehicle. 

United Access Financing Options 

Purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a significant investment. It can feel like a daunting task to begin the process while trying to stay on budget. There are a variety of funding, grant, and financing options to help fit your budget needs.  

What you can expect when financing with United Access:

  • Clearly defined financing options

  • Same-day approval of your application – this usually takes less than 60 minutes

  • The United Access team helps complete and submit all the paperwork required for funding

  • United Access provides DMV licensing on the selected vehicle

There are options to find additional cost-saving opportunities as well. This may include a doctor’s prescription that may exempt sales tax on the vehicle, Vocational Rehabilitation or Workman’s Compensation policies, manufacturer rebates, and more. 

United Access is proud to offer a variety of mobility equipment to help you stay within your budget while finding a mobility solution to fit your needs. From adaptive equipment to exclusive financing and funding options, our team is here to help you every step of the way. BraunAbility Finance and trusted relationships within communities for grants/funding helps to make sure you find the best financing or funding resource to fit your needs. We are here to make the buying process easier and help find the mobility solution to best fit your budget and needs. Contact your local mobility dealer today to learn more. 

Affordable Wheelchair Accessibility Solution FAQs: 

Is a wheelchair van deductible? 

Yes, the federal government offers a tax deduction for those who purchase a wheelchair accessible van. This applies to the cost of the wheelchair van itself and any additional modifications needed to make the vehicle accessible. 

This includes items such as: 

This can help be an option when looking to stay in budget and purchase a wheelchair vehicle. 

What are hand controls? 

Hand controls are a mobility device that enables drivers to operate brake and gas pedals with their hands and not their feet. These can be installed in cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs for those with limited mobility. 

What is the best use of a transfer board?

Transfer boards are used to bridge the gap between the vehicle's exterior and the driver or passenger's seat. Transfer boards help individuals enter the vehicle easier for those with limited mobility. This mobility solution can be folded up and stored without taking up space in the vehicle. 

How much do hand controls cost? 

The cost for hand controls can vary. Various push/pull devices can start at $1,000 and up and steering wheel mounted steering ball can cost as low as $50. If you are looking to stay within your budget, our team can work with you to find a solution to best fit your needs.

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