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Is the Cost Worth Renting a Handicap Van? 

Are you thinking about renting a handicap van but don’t know if it is worth the cost? At United Access, we make it easy and affordable to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be beneficial in a variety of situations. When your wheelchair accessible vehicle is in the shop, renting an accessible vehicle can get you around until your car is back in working order. For travelers, an accessible vehicle can provide convenience and peace of mind when visiting new destinations. For individuals who have a temporary injury that requires a wheelchair, renting an accessible vehicle can provide beneficial access to transportation services while recovering. By understanding your specific mobility needs, you can rent an accessible vehicle tailored to your situation and get the most out of it.

United Access offers daily, weekly or monthly accessible rental options to help fit your timeframe. A wheelchair accessible vehicle rental is perfect for transportation to events, appointments, airports and more. The options are endless. 

Long-Term Handicap Van Repairs or Maintenance

If your wheelchair accessible vehicle is going through extensive repairs or maintenance, a wheelchair accessible van rental is available. Choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle rental over a non-conversion van rental, allows you to continue to travel in comfort while your vehicle is in service. With wheelchair accessible vehicle rentals, you can ensure you will benefit from the same ease of mobility you are used to, even while your personal vehicle is in the shop.

Destination Traveling in a Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental

With over 50 locations across the nation, United Access can help provide a wheelchair accessible van rental while you are traveling to your destination. Renting a wheelchair-accessible van for destination travel is an ideal solution for many wheelchair users, as it removes anxiety about compromising their personal vehicle. With a wheelchair accessible van rental, wheelchair users are given freedom to navigate the area upon arrival with more relaxation than they would have if they had to resort to using their own vehicle. Additionally, it can be reassuring to know that the van rental already comes powered and equipped with features to make the traveler’s journey easier, such as ramps, and wheelchair ties, or extra accessibility safeguards such as securement bars and non-slip surfaces.

Moreover, renting a wheelchair accessible vehicle can eliminate the need for costly repairs to personal vans due to wear and tear from mileage, and can help reduce the risks associated with traveling far distances with personal wheelchair accessible vehicles on airplanes or trains. Our wheelchair accessible van rentals are a great option for destination travelers because it provides considerate features and eradicates worries about expensive repairs or safe transportation while traveling to far away destinations.

Temporary Injuries

Unfortunate accidents can leave you with long-term mobility issues, making it difficult to do everyday activities. In such cases, it is beneficial to rent a wheelchair accessible van that caters to your temporary needs. Your regular vehicle may not be able to support you during this time, and renting a handicap van that is supportive of your injury can ease your healing journey. Additionally, a wheelchair accessible vehicle tailored to your condition will provide a much safer environment to prevent further injury, and a mobility consultant can help you find the most suitable option for you. Especially if you require frequent trips to therapy sessions, having a wheelchair accessible vehicle designed with your needs in mind will make transferring easier and allow you to get to your appointments with ease. 

What is the Cost of Renting a Handicap Van?

Renting a handicap van does come with a cost, but there are situations where the value outweighs the cost. United Access is here to help you find the right rental solution for your situation. It’s important to realize that renting a wheelchair accessible van is an investment in comfort and mobility.  At United Access, we understand that mobility support is absolutely critical for those with mobility challenges. This is why we have tailored a range of services and products specifically for your needs. Contact your local mobility dealer today to learn how you can rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle for your next destination, for an injury, or if your current vehicle is in the shop for an extended time.

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