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Las Vegas Electrician Makes Life Transitions

Ability Center, now United Access Las Vegas Technicians Help Disabled Family

“My, how our lives have changed in the last month. In 1987 I received a back injury while working as an Electrician in Las Vegas totally disabling me and causing back operations that were quite unsuccessful. As time has gone on and I have gotten older there now are knee problems, shoulder problems, and stroke problems that have caused me to be more disabled than ever. 

During a visit to my State Rehabilitation Doctor, I related to him about how difficult it was for me to be mobile. My quality of life was poor, as my mobility was on a rolling walker to pick up the newspaper in the morning and mail in the afternoon. My wife drives me to Doctor’s appointments where I also use the rolling walker. My doctor expressed that State Employers may deem my case as noteworthy of a Riding Scooter. A request was made to State Employers Workers Comp for a Riding Scooter. 

Upon approval for a Riding Scooter, my life suddenly changed. I decided to visit the Ability Center on Decatur. Quality of life is now upgraded. I am now called the “Go Daddy”! The first weekend on the new Invacare Scooter I was able to leave my wife and daughter in the dust as I scooted through the Tule Springs Park to see all of my old friends and students that I once taught in the IBEW Electrical Apprenticeship. They had all gathered for a picnic. It felt good to be able to have the capacity to be mobile and find my friends instead of just sitting and waiting for them to find me in a crowd of people. 

My wife now treats me to ice cream at the Dairy Queen in the Texas Station Casino. I can drive the Scooter and even find a table and turn the seat on the Scooter into a seat at a table. I can drive around my neighborhood and see all of the new construction changes being made and visit with friends we have known for years. Nowadays, I don’t have to be worried about being unstable on my feet or having a fear of falling and getting injured. Life is easier concerning my wife as she does not have to load and unload a rolling walker. She is happy because I am happy. I am getting more fresh air and even sleeping better at night. 

We want to give a big, “Thank You” to Joe Spallino, Consultant for The Ability Center who delivered the Invacare Scooter and all his staff, installers-mechanics who installed the Bruno Lift on our Hyundai. We are truly grateful for all involved in a process that has truly changed and upgraded our lives. 

Gotta go now! Daddy Go! Soon we will be leaving to drive across the new Hoover Damn Bridge and head for Laughlin to see old friends. I will be completely mobile riding through the Casinos in Laughlin. I sure hope that my wife can keep up!” 

Jerry and Neita White 

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