Why choose a manual wheelchair?

Picking a Good Wheelchair Vehicle for the Summer

For individuals with mobility impairments, there are more choices out there than a wheelchair accessible van. Trucks and motorcycles are both among the choices available at United Access that offer people some flexibility. 

The Mobility Conquest wheelchair motorcycle offers an option that’s perfect for people who don’t want a vehicle that’s used only for practical needs. These motorcycles are big—1700ccs—so they can keep up with just about anything on the road. They top out at 105 miles per hour, ensuring that you have enough power to pass vehicles and to stay ahead of traffic when you need to. 

Another option, other than handicap vans, is to get a wheelchair accessible truck. These come in several models and, with extended cab features, they have plenty of room for lifts and other equipment. Pickups make surprisingly good conversions and, if you’re more interested in having a lot of uncovered space for hauling loads in the back of the truck, these are perfect. They’re as rugged and powerful as any other vehicle of the same model; only the inside is changed around to accommodate your wheelchair. 

Wheelchair vans are great transportation for some people, but not everyone is a fan of driving a minivan. If you want something a bit more sporty and with different features, such as a lot of power or freedom, there are options out there. 

Accessible vehicle dealers know how to safely test all their equipment and make sure that it’s all performing up to standards. Even if you buy a non-traditional mobility vehicle instead of a wheelchair van, you can be sure it will provide convenient entry and exit and excellent handling.

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