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Inspiration is all around

Inspiration is all around for those with Disabilities

Living with a new injury or disability is not easy and everyone deals with the challenges differently.  Some rebound quickly and for others, it takes time to adapt to the new lifestyle.  We found a couple of great websites that share stories of people with Spinal Cord Injuries and other disabilities and we feel it may help you or someone you love to read the journey of others. Blog

Story of Kristin Beale: 

“Not everyone with an SCI is as determined as Kristin Beale was after her injury, but that is what makes Kristin so amazing. When she became paralyzed, she refused to accept the limitations doctors predicted she would face as a result of her “complete” injury, and she was intent on proving them wrong.

These days, you can just call her the Queen of Activity-Based Rehab, because that is what she utilized to gain more function than any medical doctor would have expected. And her accomplishments are impressive, from becoming a prolific hand cyclist to publishing a book.”

Read the full article on Kristin


Story of Carina Ho: 

“Carina Ho is living proof that pursuing a passion is a lifelong journey regardless of the bumps that present themselves along the road. Through her dance and music career, she is challenging people to take a different perspective on disability. 

Carina was 27 when she was involved in an auto accident leaving her paralyzed from the chest down as a result of a spinal cord injury. Instead of letting this injury consume her, she used it as motivation to reinvent herself. Carina is a musician and dancer but quickly realized that she was now confronted with both physical and societal barriers within these industries. There is a lack of access to performance venues or assumptions that she is not able to. In order to continue to pursue both these interests post-accident she needed to think creatively and approach things differently. She found a music software Ableton that allowed her to compose and produce her own music which gave her the platform to share her emotional journey. She has also joined AXIS Dance Company where she was inspired by their message to change the face of dance and disability by bridging the two worlds of disabled and non-disabled people in an artist positive way.” 

Read the full story on Carina.

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