Accessible Living: Travel, Home, and Community

Welcome to United Access, your trusted source for information and solutions in accessible living. United Access is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mobility challenges. Accessible living solutions, including wheelchair accessible homes, buildings, and travel, greatly enhance independence, safety, convenience, and inclusivity for those with mobility limitations. We seek to champion accessibility in all areas of life by providing resources to help empower those with mobility challenges to fully experience life. 

Understanding the Impact of Accessible Living 

We advocate for accessible living in every facet of life, whether it's traveling to new places, navigating wheelchair accessible buildings, accessing education, or enjoying the comforts of a wheelchair accessible home. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all. From solutions and designs to regulations and safety, our resources are available to keep you in the know so you can enjoy all that life has to offer.  

Tips For Traveling with a Mobility Scooter

Traveling with a mobility scooter can feel overwhelming. Following these tips will make travel a breeze and open a world of possibilities.

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Top 10 Accessible Rocky Mountain Destinations

Roll into adventure as you embark on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and mile-high marvels of the Rockies with our exclusive guide to an accessible Rocky Mountain vacation.

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Driver Evaluation – Getting Behind The Wheel Again

Before you can get behind the wheel again, it's important to meet with a driver rehabilitation specialist. Learn more about the evaluation process and your options.

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Inspiration is all around

Living with a new injury or disability is not easy and everyone deals with the challenges differently. Check out these websites that share inspiring stories of people with Spinal Cord Injuries and other disabilities.

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A Wheelchair Van for Vivianna

For Vivianna's family, moving around before their wheelchair accessible van was difficult. Now they're exploring their communities with new smiles in tow.

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Picking a Good Wheelchair Vehicle for the Summer

For individuals with mobility impairments, there are more choices out there than a wheelchair accessible van. Trucks and motorcycles are both among the choices available at United Access that offer people some flexibility.

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Transportation Solutions for Active Lifestyles

Shopping for the right accessible vehicle for you can feel daunting. Starting with a seating evaluation can send you down the right path to mobility independence.

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Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van Is a Great Option for Many

All United Access locations rent handicap vans which is a great benefit to each community we serve. Renting a wheelchair van is a great option for many people for all types of situations; here are just a couple of examples:

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Everything You Need to Know About Handicap Accessible Van Rentals

Are you looking for a handicap accessible van to rent near you? Explore the benefits of handicap accessible van rentals.

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