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How to Pay for Your Wheelchair Van and Mobility Equipment

Need help paying for your wheelchair van or other mobility equipment? Learn more about your vehicle financing options.

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Give the Gift of Charity

As we enter the holiday season, what better way to show your appreciation than to give the gift of giving. Here are some suggestions we came up with to share the love with some strangers this holiday season through charitable giving and donations.

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Tax Deductions for Durable Medical Equipment

Curious if tax deductions are available for durable medical equipment like an accessible wheelchair van? Here’s everything to need to know before filing taxes.

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Successful Side Hustle Ideas for Caregivers without Added Stress

Holding down a full-time job can be difficult as a caregiver. That’s why more and more family caregivers are looking to side hustles to bridge the financial gap. Use these tips to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.

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How to Fund Your Accessible Equipment

Learn what you can use GoFundMe for, how to set up a campaign that really works, and other tips for a successful campaign.

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